Sunday, August 30, 2015


Uganda under 30 years of one man rule King Museveni is now known as a nation of immigrants. Just like the United States of America known as a nation of immigrants, the only difference here is that King Museveni being a foreigner he has turned Uganda to be led by immigrants. Uganda made a deal with Israel where thousands of Ethiopians and South Sudanese that had flooded Israel to be repatriated to Uganda in exchange of military hardware and intelligence gadgets for King Museveni. The first batch of these foreigners were flown undercover in 2013 and majority of them were registered to vote and given government jobs. The second batch of immigrants are jetting into Uganda in the coming months. Its sad that Uganda has become one of Africa's foreign exchange beneficiary of much needed foreign currency besides Nigeria to export its citizens to go abroad in order to send money home. Ugandans outside, are in millions and each year they contribute almost a billion dollars to King Museveni's dictatorial regime. Museveni's government in need of foreign exchange, King Museveni has become the official government spokesman encouraging Ugandans to leave their country while they are being replaced by foreigners. Ugandans at home do not see their fellow countrymen outside the boarders of Uganda as doing a commendable job for bringing that much needed foreign exchange to crop up King Museveni's regime. Voice of Uganda Radio ( VOUR) an internet based radio recently aired a program castigating Ugandans abroad to help King Museveni to stay in power when themselves have the means to finance the removal of King Museveni without any help from Western countries. European countries have a symbiotic type of relationship with King Museveni that is scratch my back and i will let you stay in power as long as you want. What remains to be seen is that are Ugandans in diaspora ready to uproot King Museveni's brutal regime? Nathan Span and

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