Sunday, August 30, 2015


By Dr. Vincnet Magombe

Ugandan “INTERAHAMWE” in the Making - Preparations by Museveni regime of Genocidal Forces is in Advanced Stages – Ugandans stand warned.
[By Free Uganda State Crimes Investigations Unit]
Museveni is preparing for Rwanda-style genocide - Free Uganda continues to warn Ugandans to prepare themselves in order to prevent this sinister plot being realised.
Stories of state-sanctioned militia training by the likes of Major Kakooza Mutale are too serious to ignore.
Indicative reports of preparations by Museveni’s regime to commit state violence on a massive scale against innocent Ugandan citizens continue to circulate not only via social networks but also in the local Ugandan media, as evidenced by the following videos and articles:
Museveni and his loyal inner circle complicit in the creation and mobilisation of militias
President Museveni’s refusal to publically-disassociate himself and state house from this dangerous trend of affairs can only serve to consolidate the belief in the minds of most Ugandans that statehouse and the man who heads state house are behind the sinister plot.
Apart from the much publicised role being played by Museveni’s own senior advisor, Major Kakooza Mutale, the training and arming of state-linked militias is being done with the connivance of other top Museveni loyalists, like Gen Kale Kayihura and a number of ministers and senior NRM party members, who have, under Museveni’s instructions, set up a national task force to oversee the training, arming and deployment of the militia forces throughout Uganda, up to village levels.
It is in this context that one of Museveni’s trusted ministers, Ronald Kibuule, who sits on the said task force, was sent to represent Museveni at the official passing-out ceremony of Major Kakooza Mutale trained militias in Luweero. It was decided that, because of the sensitivities surrounding Kakooza Mutale’s name - a fellow who has distinguished himself as the electoral violence Iron Man, Museveni should not be the one to personally officiate at the said ceremony.
Museveni has of recent personally attended a number of passing out ceremonies of other militias forces who, for diversionary purposes, are code-named “Crime Preventers”.
The explicit confirmation by Major Mutale and Museveni right-hand lieutenants, such as General Kale Kayihura, that thousands of state-sponsored militias are being trained at private and even state-owned facilities, such as police and army training camps, is indicative of the frenetic determination by the Museveni regime to ignore all manner of constitutional provisions which prohibit those in power from violating the rights and freedoms of Ugandan citizens.
In this case, Ugandans stand to be denied the right to freely choose the leaders of their choice, since the ultimate aim of the training, arming and deployment of these state-sponsored militias is to intimidate and cow Ugandans into voting for Museveni and no other Ugandan as president of Uganda. This beside the gross violation of the citizens’ right to life, given the attendant mass murders that these militias are prepared to commit in the course of forcefully ring-fencing the position of president for only one man.
Sinister plot exposed:
Unfortunately for Museveni, his sinister plan to cause a genocide in Uganda in the name of perpetuating his undemocratic rule has been exposed to the fullest and is now the subject of intense criticism by an overwhelming number of Ugandan citizens.
Already several national and international human rights organisations, such as Foundation for Human Rights Initiative (FHRI), Human Rights Watch (HRW) and Amnesty International (AI), are paying keen attention to what is clearly a plan by the Museveni regime to train, arm and unleash pro-regime militia groups for purposes of gruesomely suppressing and containing anti-regime activism and forcefully and unconstitutionally perpetuating Museveni’s 30-year old rule in Uganda.
Free Uganda is to provide these organisations as well as others like the United Nations, as well international governments, especially the donor community which provides aid to Uganda, with additional information and evidence of on-going preparations of genocidal forces by the Museveni-regime.
The big concern is the obvious semblance of what is happening in Museveni’s Uganda to events that took place in neighbouring Rwanda in the first half of the 1990s, when militias were trained, armed and unleashed on sections of the population. The end result of what happened in Rwanda prior to the 1994 genocide is starkly and hauntingly written down in the blood of hundreds of thousands who perished in the East African country.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH – say Ugandans. This Museveni-problem to be removed
As Ugandans are beginning to realise, the only logical solution to the present problems facing Uganda, including the natural inclination by the regime to violently suppress any form of political opposition activism, is for all citizens to quickly come together in unison and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
But words alone will not take away the Museveni problem.
Ugandans must be prepared to stand up, individually or in well-organised and empowered groups, and participate in the struggle to rid Uganda of the dictatorship.
Free Uganda once again calls on Ugandans to organise and mobilise themselves into anti-regime fronts, with the view to disrupting any attempts by Museveni to organise and make happen sham elections without reforms.
There is no convincing reason why Ugandans should accept to take part in a sham electoral process whose result is a foregone conclusion.
Why should Ugandans agree to blindly escort Museveni to his victory through a rigged electoral process that has no semblance whatsoever to a democratic occurrence?
The 2016 elections are already rigged, and Museveni has already made sure that they are not to be free and fair. Not only has he refused to get the required electoral reforms in place. He is also preparing to unleash unprecedented violence on Ugandans as a way of ensuring the unopposed extension of his rule after 30 years of undemocratic governance over Uganda.
Ugandans are, thus, left with two choices – concede to the injustices and tribulations caused by Museveni’s undemocratic and repressive rule, or rise up and revolt against the regime using all constitutionally permissible means.
The people of Uganda need to realise that it is in their power, if united, well-organised and fully empowered, to put an end to this political quagmire. Only when Museveni is gone, will Ugandans be able to organise for themselves democratically, without the hindrance and constraints put in place by such an individual and his regime who are allergic to anything democratic.
Only when Museveni is gone, will Ugandans enjoy the full potential of their existence as free human beings, within the confines of a pro-people constitutional order.
There is no doubt about it – Museveni’s bad governance can be defeated if the people of Uganda finally decide that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Photo Illustrations: President Museveni and Major Kakooza Mutale with his militia squads and some of the militia squad leaders.

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