Monday, August 31, 2015


A friend sent me this via whatsap but you know, we all love our Frank Gashumba. If you don't, switch sides. He too hits with impact.
Frank M.Gashumba While Mr. Kikoofila sorry Sudhir struggles to legitimatize his accusation of our 900 acres of land in Namuloge. The same man was given 6.5 acre piece of land (CMI) on Yusuf Lule road worthy billions of shillings. The same man grabbed land belonging to Kololo SS. The same man was given a plot of land at Entebbe Airport and Crane Bank has a structure there, other banks at the airport are tenants at civil avaition. The question to you Ugandans, why is it so easy for him to grab all prime properties belonging to Ugandans??? The man grabs public land and turns into a private property, the man grabs CMI land for free that used to accomodate doctors serving Mulago hospital and we Ugandans are busy sleeping saying Neera, Neera!! now he grabs 900 acres and Ministers legalize his transcations. The said person according to Media reports is the richest man in East Africa, why doesnt he buy land of his own. He argues that he is going to create 19,000 jobs for ugandans and there is no agreement between Government and Sudhir clearly expressing how many jobs he is going to create. How does Sudhir, M7 and the three Ministers know if there is a Ugandan who would run a project that can employ 200,000 people on the same land. Was it advertised in the press, did they follow the normal procedures of PPDA?? The lease is for 99 years not 45 years nearly giving this land to him and his grand children. Ugandans nothing restrains this man from turning our land into his Country home. Why is that the first priority wasnt given to the sitting tenants and why is it that every time there is a transcation to do with land, there are three names coming up!! Why arent Ugandans not given first priority in their Country? Do you guys still remember Shimoni land? Do you remember the 14 acres of prime land given to Ayaa brothers? If you are a Lawyer, What is your opinion on this? If you know of any Government property that has been disposed of during this NRM era, please post it here and inbox me your telephone number or send an email to We are working on something that our children and our grand children will stand up one day and say that Gashumba and others served our country. Sisimuka Uganda, Teri Kulinda Kulala. Changing Mindsets, Creating Self Belief, Transforming Lives We make you think independently.

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