Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Everything I write, share and post is my opinion and not a reflection on my employer or any organisation I am affiliated with. In addition, I am not paid by any political party in #Uganda. In fact, I have never been paid by anyone in Uganda.

While doing my Masters at the University of Toronto in Canada, it occurred to me that I would eventually need a job. Then it became urgent to actually find a job. Mzee Dan Nangalama needed dialysis in Uganda. Otherwise, I am your typical Leah who would have chosen Academia.

I sent out 100 job applications. Got only 3 replies (Canada was going through a recession). Got 3 job interviews.  Got 3 job offers.  What was intriguing was everyone did not want me as a sales woman. My Bach was Business, and computer things were just a hobby. I was a very shy young woman and could barely even experess myself (hence the good grades in computer courses).

April 1995, I got a call that I got the job.  Except, I had no idea what.  Then I am told I am joining the IT department of the biggest Oil Company in Canada.  Naturally, I was happy because dad was costing us $100 daily and the PhD was out of the question.  I asked why not marketing.  I was told that it would come along as the company develops young people in varios roles. Aug 31, 1995, I hand in my research project.  The company had booked me into a hotel right beside the office building.  OMG.  Work is vacation.  Try to do a 2yr masters degree in 12 months (2-3hrs of sleep for a whole year). The rest is history. 

Sept 1, is a public holiday in Canada. Sept 2, I show up at work and I was so ready to attack everything in sight.  But there was this calm that I did not know exists in work places. Coasting.  Till I had to start the real work on the first project. So much fun.  I cannot emphasize to anyone what fun it is to work for an oil company.

They trained me in Communication skills (I was horrible), presentation skills (I used to half cry), then Interpersonal skills (what is that, give me my computer). Then Problem Solving skills ( I was a genius in this already, using computer algorithms), mbu Problem Solving dealing with human beings.  God is wonderful.

So Sept 1, 2015 is 20yrs in only IT for that company.  I am glad they never send me selling fuel in Marketing.  I just love computers but my first manager and team leader, they saw these things which I did not know I could even do.  Some Ugandans say that I am arrogant.  I was also sent on a Consulting one week course.  The first thing the instructor said "do not tell people what to do or advise them until you tell them who you are, your credentials and your experience".

Now you all know why sometimes I throw things in your face. So that you know that I have experience and qualifications in the areas upon which I comment or write about.

ps: my first project was automating taxation

Your own,
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District where our hospital has no running water)
Twitter @mlnangalama
For God and My Country

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