Friday, July 31, 2015


Why Ugandans have to see through Andrew Mwenda's intellectual dishonesty. 
[By Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) Diaspora Mobilisation.]
No one is disputing all those facts which Mr Andrew Mwenda writes about the US or other imperialists, i.e how they have exploited Africa; how those societies are also engulfed in corruption; and how minorities in those countries are mistreated, etc etc. We all know very well what 'colonialists and imperialists' have done and continue to do to Africa.
What, however, should be of interest to modern-day Ugandans and Africans, beyond castigating the role played by those 'outside dark forces' in creating and sustaining Africa's problems, is to additionally look inward and reflect on the role that WE AFRICANS OURSELVES have played and continue to play in the destruction and rape of our Mother continent.
The problem with the so-called contemporary 'African thinkers', like Mr Andrew Mwenda, as one Ugandan observer (going by the pen-name Rabba Naga) put it on the online Africa-at-Heart (UAH)- Stereo discussion forum, is that they are "a Symbol of the ideological conflict of the African elite"
According to Rabba Naga, "...before we condemn Mwenda, first ask, what does he really represent? If you were to ask him and he was to answer truthfully, can he reconcile his views of yesterday and those of today? Mwenda, like all the African traitors before him, is a perfect symbol of that ideological conflict of the African elite, many of whom are guilty of political and ideological betrayal of our people and should be written off."
Unfortunately for Mwenda, he underestimated the intelligence of Ugandans, by thinking that they are not clever enough to know what his actual motives were in his assault on Barak Obama's condemnation of African dictators, like Yoweri Museveni, who seek to rule for life and will do anything, including gross violations of the peoples' rights and freedoms, to illegally entrench themselves in power.
Andrew Mwenda's links and connections to Museveni's state house are no secret to most Ugandans. Nearly everyone in Uganda today knows how Andrew Mwenda works within the shadows of Mr Museveni's state house. Ugandans also know very well what Andrew has been up to in Kagame's Rwanda.
It is no secret whatsoever that what Andrew has been doing, for some time now, is a 'not-so-clever' packaging of the defence of the Museveni state house, something he does under the guise of engaging in a pan-Africanist assault on imperialism.
If Andrew is honest enough, let him now come out with a blunt critique of Mr Museveni's undemocratic and repressive credentials, as he once did - in the days gone by. Let him help Ugandans to understand better the inner-workings of Museveni dictatorship. Andrew can do this using his inside-knowledge and his close connections to the first family. Why is he quiet about all that now, when he used to do so before?
Why is it that these days Mr Andrew Mwenda is only interested in leaping to the defence of Museveni and other African dictators, and is not minutely interested in analysing the murders, political harassment and repression of political opponents in Uganda and other African countries.
It is no wonder that many Ugandans are criticising the Andrew Mwenda approaches to Ugandan politics. Forget for once his colourful songs (true as they may be) about Western imperialism. Those issues have been well articulated over the decades by TRUE AND HONEST PAN-AFRICANISTS, LIKE KWAME NKRUMAH.
What Ugandans and Africans in general now want to hear from Andrew Mwenda and all those who profess to be the 'new African Pan-Africanists' is something, even just a few words, about the ills and pains of African people as caused and perpetuated by African killers, dictators and thieves upon their own African peoples. See this additional criticism of Andrew Mwenda by other concerned Ugandans:

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