Thursday, July 30, 2015


Having read Andrew Mwenda's rebuttal on Obama's AU speech, I am prompted to ask myself, What do we want as Africans?
The article discredits Obama's moral authority to admonish African leaders on good governance, citing the ills that US has committed in Africa, and also goes forward to mention the current predicaments of black people in US such as; the police brutality, mass-incarceration, poverty, among others.
Although I am always critical on the ills of US, and many of the westerns nations, colonialism inclusive,but two wrongs do not make right! WRONG is WRONG!
I also find it immature for us as Africans to ''pull the colonialism card'' whenever our leaders are held accountable for their mistakes. Whether we like it or not, at some point we need to grow up as a people and hold our leaders accountable for the rampant corruption, human rights abuse, power-greed among others without bias, without arrogance.
If our leaders are as powerful as they seem or say, and really want to control the destinies of their countries, why do they still accept aid from US or western nations, through USAID, NORAD, DAAD, IRISH AID, SIDA, among others? When it comes to aid, yes our leaders sign agreement and take the money and in most cases misappropriate it! But when one of those donor countries speaks out on poor governance, then we begin to say,
''Africans problems require African solutions''
The aid accepted is an indirect gesture that you are giving donor countries permission to interfere into your domestic politics! If you accept some one to feed your family, it means that you have bequeathed the power to the breadwinner.
Who should admonish African leaders when the African Union has failed to do its work. When has the AU stood out to talk about the human rights abuses of political rivals in Uganda, Rwanda, and other African nations, when did stand out to condemn the genocides done by Sudan in Darfur, and the slavery in Mauritania, among other predicaments in Africa?
The irony is that AU's larger part of the budget is funded by EU, US and China, so who has the moral and financial authority to talk about the ills of the ''BIG MEN'' OF AFRICA, when the ''BIG MEN'' can not pay their bills?
At some point, all the excuses that we give for our governance failures shall not hold water and that point is NOW!
You can read ANDREW MWENDA'S article to Aljazeera below:
Like all imperial powers before it, the US seeks to dominate the world in order to exploit it.
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  • Martha Leah Zesaguli Thank you Gordon. In fact, it is a very shameful act for Mwenda to peddle such trashy writing, no matter how much money he was paid. The corruption must be addressed and so must the Human Rights abuses whether US and other countries have problems or not. I enjoy watching Ugandans mention that even the politics of USA is dirty politics but I can assure you, I have never seen one single city in USA being laid under seige just because one candidate was flying back. Neither have I seen military tanks on every block instead of ambulances or fire brigades. The arbitrary arrests of opposition members and voices of dissent, to hold in safe houses and torture and kill must be addressed. The rampant theft of all the donations is currently being displayed in the rush to persecute to ensure that JPAM gets no chance. Hahaahaah -- why did it take 29+yrs for these things to come up. THE trash is simply because some Ugandans believe that GAY is wrong in Uganda, except it is not against the law in USA and Uganda rescinded the bill because they could't pay their bills. NOW for someone like Andrew who is rumoured to be gay (not that it bothers me, hell no way) and has written articles in defense of gay rights, I couldn't clue in as to why he wrote that piece for Al Jazeera. How much money is enough for him. He has lost credibility big time but then again, he did that the minute he started praising and worshiping 2 brutal dictators. How did his brother die by the way?

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