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You know you read English earlier when you recall these stories in Book Three:
1. When the Lion was ill - The Lion was ill, and he did not go out for three days. He asked all the other animals to come to see him.......But one animal did not go. It was the........
2. The happy old man..... Angazi
3. Stop to think - One day, a man caught a dove......
4. The wishing needle......
5. Keeping cool on a hot day.....
6. In a shop
7. Keeping a promise
8. The language of the animals
9. Car numbers - One Saturday when there was no school work to do, David went to see his friend Mr. Juma Said, the lorry driver....
10. A visit to the airport
11. The King's ring
12. The green bicycle
13. The bats did not pay their taxes
14. Mary's handwork lesson
15. David learns a lesson


Press Statement by the Rt. Honourable Amama Mbabazi
Members of the Press
Good Morning.
Six weeks ago I came before the Ugandan people to declare my intention to stand for President in the 2016 Presidential election.
I did so with the full understanding that the matter of the presidency is not one to be taken lightly. It is not merely a great privilege but a profound responsibility. For that reason, I took some time to ponder this issue: where I wanted Uganda to go as opposed to where we are today.
These are questions I began to ask myself decades ago as a student and whilst much has changed, much remains the same. For me what is as alive today as it was back then is a desire to serve my country and a hunger for justice, for fairness and for true prosperity. These things are unyielding and it is in this vein that I address you again today.
My reasons for standing are simple. I believe it is time for two changes: a change in governance and a change of guard. A peaceful transition with no bloodshed. My deepest desire is to restore good governance and steer that peaceful transition of power from one generation to the next.
The coming election is not simply about a change of leader, but about changing systems in Uganda for this generation and generations to come. Never has the truth of this matter been more apparent to me than in the last six weeks in which, unfortunately, my declaration has been met with great hostility by the top party leadership of NRM.
The fact of the matter is NRM has sought to obstruct my intentions completely. The party’s pressuring of the National Electoral Commission was evident in the EC’s attempt to renege on their initial position regarding my consultations by requesting me to “harmonise” my schedule with the party. Similarly, the use of some elements of the Police in internal party affairs is indicative of the extent to which the top party leadership is willing to go in order to stop me from contesting. Even the rules and regulations, full of all sorts of snares and illegalities, were obviously created with my candidacy in mind.

But this obstruction is not the only unlawful thing that has taken place. The arrests, torture and in some cases near week-long disappearances of my supporters, as well as the arrest of Dr. Kizza Besigye, are an obscene violation of the basic human rights guaranteed by our Constitution. The arrest of my daughter, as well as my own, was simply illegitimate and only served to illuminate the lawless forces at work in this nation; the lawless forces whose intentions we, united and strong, will defeat.
Sadly, that the top command of the party has chosen to boldly disregard the National Constitution means that it cares nothing for NRM’s legacy of peace, freedom and stability. More importantly, it means that the top leadership of NRM is no longer the keeper of democracy and rule of law. In this, I cannot be an accomplice.
And so I have decided that I will not stand in NRM as a flag-bearer but I will carry on with my intentions; and when the time comes, I Will Be Nominated as a presidential candidate for 2016 by the National Electoral Commission.
I remain eternally committed to the core values of our struggle. In everything I do, I will continue to embody the true objectives and identity of the National Resistance Movement. The principles of NRM are noble and just; they were and are still based upon a desire for a better Uganda but as a founding-member, lawyer and patriotic citizen I will not bind myself to illegalities.
This is a personal choice, one that we are all free to make.
Now, what does this mean for NRM? It means that NRM must re-examine itself and that the top leadership must decide whether to continue on this path or whether the NRM party, its reputation and the enduring principles upon which it was founded are ultimately more important than the singular political dreams of some.
I say this to my NRM comrades, we have achieved so much in the last thirty years. Let’s not reverse our gains. It is my hope that the NRM I have given decades of my life will self correct and return to true form in the near future.
To everyone who has asked for clarity in the last few weeks: I am going to start a journey. At the end of this journey I will be the president of Uganda. I call on everyone who dares to believe, all those without hope and all who feel fear I call on all those who know in their hearts that it’s time to take this country forward: join me.


Why Ugandans have to see through Andrew Mwenda's intellectual dishonesty. 
[By Dr Vincent Magombe, Secretary Free Uganda Leadership Committee and Press Secretary FU, also Head of Platform to Rescue Uganda (PRU) Diaspora Mobilisation.]
No one is disputing all those facts which Mr Andrew Mwenda writes about the US or other imperialists, i.e how they have exploited Africa; how those societies are also engulfed in corruption; and how minorities in those countries are mistreated, etc etc. We all know very well what 'colonialists and imperialists' have done and continue to do to Africa.
What, however, should be of interest to modern-day Ugandans and Africans, beyond castigating the role played by those 'outside dark forces' in creating and sustaining Africa's problems, is to additionally look inward and reflect on the role that WE AFRICANS OURSELVES have played and continue to play in the destruction and rape of our Mother continent.
The problem with the so-called contemporary 'African thinkers', like Mr Andrew Mwenda, as one Ugandan observer (going by the pen-name Rabba Naga) put it on the online Africa-at-Heart (UAH)- Stereo discussion forum, is that they are "a Symbol of the ideological conflict of the African elite"
According to Rabba Naga, "...before we condemn Mwenda, first ask, what does he really represent? If you were to ask him and he was to answer truthfully, can he reconcile his views of yesterday and those of today? Mwenda, like all the African traitors before him, is a perfect symbol of that ideological conflict of the African elite, many of whom are guilty of political and ideological betrayal of our people and should be written off."
Unfortunately for Mwenda, he underestimated the intelligence of Ugandans, by thinking that they are not clever enough to know what his actual motives were in his assault on Barak Obama's condemnation of African dictators, like Yoweri Museveni, who seek to rule for life and will do anything, including gross violations of the peoples' rights and freedoms, to illegally entrench themselves in power.
Andrew Mwenda's links and connections to Museveni's state house are no secret to most Ugandans. Nearly everyone in Uganda today knows how Andrew Mwenda works within the shadows of Mr Museveni's state house. Ugandans also know very well what Andrew has been up to in Kagame's Rwanda.
It is no secret whatsoever that what Andrew has been doing, for some time now, is a 'not-so-clever' packaging of the defence of the Museveni state house, something he does under the guise of engaging in a pan-Africanist assault on imperialism.
If Andrew is honest enough, let him now come out with a blunt critique of Mr Museveni's undemocratic and repressive credentials, as he once did - in the days gone by. Let him help Ugandans to understand better the inner-workings of Museveni dictatorship. Andrew can do this using his inside-knowledge and his close connections to the first family. Why is he quiet about all that now, when he used to do so before?
Why is it that these days Mr Andrew Mwenda is only interested in leaping to the defence of Museveni and other African dictators, and is not minutely interested in analysing the murders, political harassment and repression of political opponents in Uganda and other African countries.
It is no wonder that many Ugandans are criticising the Andrew Mwenda approaches to Ugandan politics. Forget for once his colourful songs (true as they may be) about Western imperialism. Those issues have been well articulated over the decades by TRUE AND HONEST PAN-AFRICANISTS, LIKE KWAME NKRUMAH.
What Ugandans and Africans in general now want to hear from Andrew Mwenda and all those who profess to be the 'new African Pan-Africanists' is something, even just a few words, about the ills and pains of African people as caused and perpetuated by African killers, dictators and thieves upon their own African peoples. See this additional criticism of Andrew Mwenda by other concerned Ugandans:

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Good morning...
1. Luos Don't Stagger When
Drunk,They just Walk
in Italics.
2. A Luo does not live in "Nyumba ya
They Live in Alumimium apartments.
3. Luos Don't Shout...They talk in
Upper Case!
4. Luos Don't Lose, They Postpone
5. LuosDon't Fail exams, they just
Differ With
The Examiner.
5. Luos don't Walk around with
Phones. They
CircumNavigate around with Cellular
6. Luos don't fall down They make
Gravitational Contact with the
7. Luos Dont Smile, the Vessels in
their cheeks
Rotates in a Circular Manner.
8. Luos don't Pee, they engage Their
Urethra in
an action of Depositing Ammonia
Titration yawa!
9. Luos Don't attend events. Their
arrival is the
10. Learned Luos do not Shave their
Hair,they cut
Down their Academic Fibres.
11. Luos don't eat Ordinary bread, it
must be
Sanctioned by Baba or Obama
12. Luos Don't cheat on their Women,
they just
love Every Female Equally
13. Luos Don't Vote, They Exercise
Democratic Rights. Until some thieves
Rigs it,
then they Exercise their will Power.
14. Luos Don't Become Broke, They
are on
financial Off-Peak
15. Luos Never Slap women, They
Caress them at
an Accelerating speed.
16.Luos don't throw Stones. They Just
Natural Resources vertically


Having read Andrew Mwenda's rebuttal on Obama's AU speech, I am prompted to ask myself, What do we want as Africans?
The article discredits Obama's moral authority to admonish African leaders on good governance, citing the ills that US has committed in Africa, and also goes forward to mention the current predicaments of black people in US such as; the police brutality, mass-incarceration, poverty, among others.
Although I am always critical on the ills of US, and many of the westerns nations, colonialism inclusive,but two wrongs do not make right! WRONG is WRONG!
I also find it immature for us as Africans to ''pull the colonialism card'' whenever our leaders are held accountable for their mistakes. Whether we like it or not, at some point we need to grow up as a people and hold our leaders accountable for the rampant corruption, human rights abuse, power-greed among others without bias, without arrogance.
If our leaders are as powerful as they seem or say, and really want to control the destinies of their countries, why do they still accept aid from US or western nations, through USAID, NORAD, DAAD, IRISH AID, SIDA, among others? When it comes to aid, yes our leaders sign agreement and take the money and in most cases misappropriate it! But when one of those donor countries speaks out on poor governance, then we begin to say,
''Africans problems require African solutions''
The aid accepted is an indirect gesture that you are giving donor countries permission to interfere into your domestic politics! If you accept some one to feed your family, it means that you have bequeathed the power to the breadwinner.
Who should admonish African leaders when the African Union has failed to do its work. When has the AU stood out to talk about the human rights abuses of political rivals in Uganda, Rwanda, and other African nations, when did stand out to condemn the genocides done by Sudan in Darfur, and the slavery in Mauritania, among other predicaments in Africa?
The irony is that AU's larger part of the budget is funded by EU, US and China, so who has the moral and financial authority to talk about the ills of the ''BIG MEN'' OF AFRICA, when the ''BIG MEN'' can not pay their bills?
At some point, all the excuses that we give for our governance failures shall not hold water and that point is NOW!
You can read ANDREW MWENDA'S article to Aljazeera below:
Like all imperial powers before it, the US seeks to dominate the world in order to exploit it.
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  • Martha Leah Zesaguli Thank you Gordon. In fact, it is a very shameful act for Mwenda to peddle such trashy writing, no matter how much money he was paid. The corruption must be addressed and so must the Human Rights abuses whether US and other countries have problems or not. I enjoy watching Ugandans mention that even the politics of USA is dirty politics but I can assure you, I have never seen one single city in USA being laid under seige just because one candidate was flying back. Neither have I seen military tanks on every block instead of ambulances or fire brigades. The arbitrary arrests of opposition members and voices of dissent, to hold in safe houses and torture and kill must be addressed. The rampant theft of all the donations is currently being displayed in the rush to persecute to ensure that JPAM gets no chance. Hahaahaah -- why did it take 29+yrs for these things to come up. THE trash is simply because some Ugandans believe that GAY is wrong in Uganda, except it is not against the law in USA and Uganda rescinded the bill because they could't pay their bills. NOW for someone like Andrew who is rumoured to be gay (not that it bothers me, hell no way) and has written articles in defense of gay rights, I couldn't clue in as to why he wrote that piece for Al Jazeera. How much money is enough for him. He has lost credibility big time but then again, he did that the minute he started praising and worshiping 2 brutal dictators. How did his brother die by the way?

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The Government of #Uganda has signed deals with Saudi Arabia to export graduates into slavery

If you are not used to my abrasive way of communication, do not worry. You will soon understand why I am blunt. I beg you to read this article and let it sink in.  I am going to follow up with more information.  BUT it is crucial that you read this one.  May his soul rest in peace.

y Vision Reporter

A Ugandan, Livingstone Nkundizana, was reportedly found dead in his apartment in Mafraq, Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Nkundizana was last seen on Tuesday evening and appeared normal, according to his colleagues.

Nkundizana’s body was taken to Abu Dhabi city mortuary for a postmortem before it is handed over to his relatives.

According to friends, Nkundizana is a son to Godfrey Butuyuyu and Annet Nalubwama of Nakaseke.

He has been working for a company identified as MBM ( Modern Building Maintenance) in Abu Dhabi.

The death  comes following that of another Ugandan identified as George Ssabwe who died in Abu Dhabi last month.


Only desperation would cause people to hire kids to attack me on Social Media.  I have no idea why #TeamMuseveni does not see that none of them can beat me on Social Media. My Admin Assistant is a 14yr old who earns $50 weekly working only 5hrs per week AND only when she feels like it.  So yesterday was a bit funny.  Apart from the cadres who have to shut me down in the whatsap groups, they got this little 20yr old girl who lives in Bweyogerere to go after me and others too.  I first noticed it when she called Besigye and Lukwago bad names.  A kid of 20yrs age attacking her elders. OMG, we have a lot of work to do.  Becky is 17yrs and heading to pre-Medical school this September in University and she would never ever do such a thing even if you gave her the moon.  Mini is only 14 and heading to high school and she would have called you an idiot if you paid her to abuse an elder.  But apparently in Uganda, little kids can attack their elders for a piece of candy. OMG.   My kids write better than these little hopeless kids Uganda is sending after me and so many of you have seen their work.  But who on earth sends a 20yr old kid to trash Dr. Besigye, Lukwago or Yours truly Leah? Kicks of a dying horse.

Come on #TeamMuseveni, send me real grown ups instead of the desperate kids. I did post about the 20yr old kid yesterday and naturally, I always take screen shots too.

What just happened is another brat called me an idiot propagandist paid by FDC.  I was like what the??  Looks like someone forgot my bank account.  What is even more laughable is that some NRM cadres have previously told people that I am paid by NRM.  Seriously, I do not think they can afford my billing rate because my billing rate is not money.  Mukule mubone.

Here is something that will tell you that I am not that easy.  By the way, I am not paid by JPAM, Besigye or Kiyingi.  Money is not my goal in life.  While so many Ugandans kneel and beg for money, I get calls for work and guess what, I am not in need. Go find some other poor soul to offer your money to.

Sadly, ‪#‎TeamMuseveni‬ still thinks that attacking me in the Whatsap groups is the biggest problem they have to solve. Bwahahaha. Nange kanyumidde!!
Group Anti Poor Youth. Hahaha
[9:54pm, 2015-07-29] +256 789 621380: Leah, your a cheap propagandist. Can you leave our judiciary do it's work?
[12:06am, 2015-07-30] +256 703 004545: ENG, don't attack Leah, just address her issues in a manner reflecting a learned n more so civilised person. Please style up n stop being adamant
[12:17am, 2015-07-30] +256 703 004545: Thought of the day. "If you ever take away your focus for life, life shall surely take away its focus for you". Every second counts. Blesd day comrades
[1:40am, 2015-07-30] +15068716371: [1:08am, 2015-07-30] +256 705 008126: Leah, i respect you as an independent social Media reporter/blogger.
If that is what you stand for, then please dont go personal or even if possible partisan for you will loose meaning to your funs and followers all over.
Just thinking....
[1:38am, 2015-07-30] +15068716371: Daniel!!! I have been pushed into each political group but I operate solo. You will get used. Only thing is I am‪#‎TeamOpposition‬. No one is paying me for my 6mtgs of work so it helps when I don't have to get any envelop from anyone. Thanks bro. I heard you loud and clear.
[1:39am, 2015-07-30] +15068716371: BUT, I WILL DAILY SAY THAT SIRAJ MUST RETURN TO HIS SOMALIA AND GROW COFFEE. Come on, Kisenyi belongs to us, not a refugee...yeah, I said it.
[1:44am, 2015-07-30] +15068716371: Tash, thanks. He read some of what I put on FB and twitter. He foams at the mouth like a dog with rabies every time he sees my name. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Maybe he needs an anti Leah vaccine. Akule abone. I take no prisoners. I enjoy them self destruct on international forums so that the world can see the wonder of Museveni. πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒnaturally putting this on FB and Twitter. Welcome to Social Media.
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District where our hospital has no water)
Twitter @mlnangalama
For God and My Country


Everything I write, share and post is my opinion and not a reflection on my employer or any organisation I am affiliated with. In addition, I am not paid by any political party in #Uganda. In fact, I have never been paid by anyone in Uganda.

While doing my Masters at the University of Toronto in Canada, it occurred to me that I would eventually need a job. Then it became urgent to actually find a job. Mzee Dan Nangalama needed dialysis in Uganda. Otherwise, I am your typical Leah who would have chosen Academia.

I sent out 100 job applications. Got only 3 replies (Canada was going through a recession). Got 3 job interviews.  Got 3 job offers.  What was intriguing was everyone did not want me as a sales woman. My Bach was Business, and computer things were just a hobby. I was a very shy young woman and could barely even experess myself (hence the good grades in computer courses).

April 1995, I got a call that I got the job.  Except, I had no idea what.  Then I am told I am joining the IT department of the biggest Oil Company in Canada.  Naturally, I was happy because dad was costing us $100 daily and the PhD was out of the question.  I asked why not marketing.  I was told that it would come along as the company develops young people in varios roles. Aug 31, 1995, I hand in my research project.  The company had booked me into a hotel right beside the office building.  OMG.  Work is vacation.  Try to do a 2yr masters degree in 12 months (2-3hrs of sleep for a whole year). The rest is history. 

Sept 1, is a public holiday in Canada. Sept 2, I show up at work and I was so ready to attack everything in sight.  But there was this calm that I did not know exists in work places. Coasting.  Till I had to start the real work on the first project. So much fun.  I cannot emphasize to anyone what fun it is to work for an oil company.

They trained me in Communication skills (I was horrible), presentation skills (I used to half cry), then Interpersonal skills (what is that, give me my computer). Then Problem Solving skills ( I was a genius in this already, using computer algorithms), mbu Problem Solving dealing with human beings.  God is wonderful.

So Sept 1, 2015 is 20yrs in only IT for that company.  I am glad they never send me selling fuel in Marketing.  I just love computers but my first manager and team leader, they saw these things which I did not know I could even do.  Some Ugandans say that I am arrogant.  I was also sent on a Consulting one week course.  The first thing the instructor said "do not tell people what to do or advise them until you tell them who you are, your credentials and your experience".

Now you all know why sometimes I throw things in your face. So that you know that I have experience and qualifications in the areas upon which I comment or write about.

ps: my first project was automating taxation

Your own,
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District where our hospital has no running water)
Twitter @mlnangalama
For God and My Country


:  SOME OF YOU WILL REMEMBER WHEN AFRICEL FIRED 39 #UGANDAN EMPLOYEES IN KAMPALA AND REPLACED THEM WITH LEBANESE.  If you do not remember, that is your problem. You have to keep up.  Africel took over Orange Operations in Uganda and sacked their key Ugandan employees. It was in the media and I ran that story.  Some of you saw my post on why our poor Reading Culture is paying us dividends.  The Lebanese who were brought into Uganda only communicate in Arabic and French.  So translators had to be hired for them. -- DON'T STOP ME, I AM ON A ROW HERE---.  Believe me people, poor communication is costing us a lot of jobs.  I write about these things with a passsion and a fury because I am Job Automation and Job Outsourcing and BPOs (according to Kagingo and Museveni).  I am gonna throw something I wrote about Job Migration.

You may not like me but when I say that your Unglish is unacceptable, it is because I know for a fact that I do not give the time of the day for anyone who cannot articulate in their national language.

Look at this.  Africel got money and they are in DRC.  So what about #Uganda?  "tsup" is not a greeting to a total stranger and neither is well be back.

Brought to you by none other than your own
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District where our hospital has no water)
Twitter @mlnangalama
For God and My Country

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) revealed that it will invest USD 35 million in telecom operator Africell. According to the IFC, the investment is intended to support the expansion and upgrade of mobile networks in Gambia, the DRC, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

IFC’s investment is part of a syndicated loan of USD 150 million, arranged by Deutsche Bank and supported by the Public Investment Corporation SOC acting on behalf of Government Employees Pension Fund, Banque Libano Francaise, EcoBank RDC and other investors.

Africell is an emerging telecommunications operator, with a customer base in some of Africa’s most challenging markets. Since its launch in 2001, Africell has become the leading mobile network provider in Gambia and in Sierra Leone, and is expanding rapidly in the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Uganda. The new financing will enable Africell to expand its coverage and services.

#Corruption is a cancer in #Uganda - Byandala is in Luzira


This battle is getting delicious to the last bite.....  #GoFoward
Hon. Amaama Mbabazi seems to be the latest victim of Hon.Frank Tumwebaze's slander.  First was the Works and Transport minister Abraham Byandala  who was followed by the parmanent Secretary Ministry of Defence Madame Rosette Byengoma.  One wonders what the role of these old men and old woman was in Frank Tumwebaze's scandals.

1.       What prompted the President to inquire into the affairs of his Presidency Minister was his purchase of 4 square miles of Land in his home district, the land which borders River Mpanga and belonged to the Pentecostral Churches.  Frank Tumwebaze paid sh. 5 billion (5, 000,000,000).

2.       Frank Tumwebaze further deployed 2013 government pick ups with UC number plates at the farm.

3.       During the same period (2014), Tumwebaze purchased 60 acres of Land next to Nyakisharara Airfield in Mbarara district at a cost of sh. 900 million

4.       Then there is the Mukono-Katotsi Road scandal where High Tides Consultancy Firm pocketed $1.7 million(4 billion shillings)for representing ETAW a non existent USA company

5.       What the country needs to know is that High Tides changed directors when  Hon. Eng. Byandala linked it to his Cabinet colleague, Frank Tumwebaze's wife called Frolence Kabibi who ceased being a director and company secretary at High tides on the 18th of July,2014.  This was the day after The Observer Story quoted Abraham Byandala blaming Frank Tumwebaze for his role in the saga.  We will soon publish the details of ownership of High Tides.  What the country needs to know is that a new contract for the construction of Mukono-Katosi Road has been signed with SBI at the cost of sh. 260 billion+ from the sh. 160 billion,  the price at which ETAW was awarded the contract in 2014.

6.       The purchase of USAFI market by KCCA which was vehemently opposed by the Councillors at KCCA due to the fact that KCCA had already procured other pieces of Land in all divisions of Kampala that had not been developed yet,  Frank Tumwebaze pushed a reluctant Jennifer Musisi to accept the deal at sh. 37 billion.  The same USAFI market purchase was not cleared by the Solicitor General due to owner ship disputes.  Lt Mohammed Bahati a, a former staff of ISO is in court to reinstate his rights on the Land where Usafi Market was constructed.  One Omar Nasoro Sekamatte,  the master mind of the Usafi Scam offered Frank Tumwebaze sh. 15 billion kick back so that he could push through the deal.  Frank Tumwebaze never took chances.  He ordered Omar Sekamate to hire the legal services of his wife Frolence who also became a signatory to the account in which the government deposited sh. 37 billion in the bank account. The truth is near.

7.       High Tides was paid $1,750,000 by the Americans for getting them the Mukono-Katosi Road.  That would have would have been about UGX 5bn at the prevailing exchange rate.

8.       Now #Ugandans have to ask themselves.  Should it be Byandala in prison or Frank Tumwebaze?  Frank Tumwebaze says he never ate the Mukono - Katosi money.  So was it his wife’s company? Stay Tuned.  You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all the time.
Martha Leah Nangalama


Some of you saw the Internet Scam I posted earlier about Cruise Jobs.  My goodness, we have so much work to do.  No wonder Museveni is exporting these kids into slavery in the Middle East and Asia.  They don't care to read. Thank goodness some of the comenters joined in to tell them something was not right.  Be the  judge.  YOU PEOPLE I WARN YOU, we must work very hard to change this laziness.  A mind is too precious to waste.  The post is on Job Seekers Uganda (Face Book page).

Abaho Nelson is it true realy?
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Martha Leah Zesaguli Why don't you try it and then return and let all of us know.
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Tumwesigye Tom Iam Ready To Work
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Mwambutsa Spriano I,m ready towork
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Mwanje Davico add me up
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Abaho Nelson am ready
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Majo Kalyango Nabbuto If you didn't understand the meaning of "scam", google. Before you post. "ready".
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Benard Ozarwa Ashemera Job scam alert and some body is busy posting add me up. Am read for work, ugandans....
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Asijaali Timothy Gaily add me
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Simon Bafabalya am very ready to work pliz.
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Peter Manis Send me yo no. And i cal u
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Bako Judith Add Me

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Frank O'Kane Banange tuyambagane wano.
Guno omulimu teguliyo era ekigambo #internet_scam kitegezza obufere ku internet.
Nnolwekyo apositinze abategezza nti guno omulimu gwa kubafela era kati ndowoza ffena tukitegedde.
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Dennis A Bazaakabona THIS SHOWS THE RATE AT WHICH UGANDANS NEED JOBS. AS LONG AS THEY ARE PROMISED ONE, THEY LOSE THEIR SENSES. THEY DONT MIND UNDERSTANDING WHAT ITS ABOUT EVEN IF ITS A THIEF TRYING TO CHEAT THEM! Now look at these fools saying 'add me', and they are surely going to cheat them even after being warned! M7 agende. Mbabazi abewo
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Mukasa Michael Hi, Martha, please help me with any information to join the cruise jobs, I have wished always but failing for lack of right information. Thank you.
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Mukasa Michael Add me up
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Denise Eve jeez do we hav any literate ugandans...gavumenti etuyambe..
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Immie R Amootie if u cnt read n understand how can smone employ u with such dense minds, u wil stay unemployed until u learn 2 read n understand u
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Kwizera Martin hahaha , laughing at some comments here ..
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Ahabwe Annah Hahaha....
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Sarah Akello Its a scam and martha is helping you not to apply and you guys are already commenting add me, am ready, banange go read your dictionaries. Thx martha
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Bahemuuka Suizen kikikikiki.... cant stop laughing ... hahahahahahabaaaaaaaa .... ughuuuu!
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Ayebare Andrew Kiki kino mukama kyandaga!
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Nyachwo Jesca pipo Need education any body to educate pipo bse they are warning them bt they are ready to wrk hahaihahaha
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Aggie Kisakye Ayebare Andrew,mukama kulanga nti omulimu gwokola to post jobs is worthless.he he hehe he abo be bantu baffe who cant interpret simple english.
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Ayebare Andrew Aggie Kisakye, ekiliwano thiyitilivu... abatuze Olu'Eng rwabagwa left side....
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Aggie Kisakye kyokka no ngabagamba basoma.kwegamba nze newunya
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Aggie Kisakye laba no ono naye.Ffe twakowa abafere
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Kaleera Herbert That tackling unemployment which has defeated mr.m7 for 30yrs big up my Leah
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Ayebare Andrew Aggie. Sonia omulaba.... agabbi genyini......
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Kaziro Martha If someone can ask to be added, then you just know that Museveni will just keep on ruling.
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Arinaitwe Emmanuel Take care plz
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Aggie Kisakye He he he he Andrew,sebbo sonia ka post akajekko!!
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Ayebare Andrew Agayaye.huhuhuhuhu twabategedde
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Aggie Kisakye Kati tukole kubatamanyi luzungu,kubba tuswala
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Ayebare Andrew Kale Mutayi... Tandika nkulage kko bwe swi
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Kimuli Medjah Ebisilu.......... Wama Martha thx. Mbu add me, am ready.
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Lyz Van Persie Venitah hehehe kyokka banage people are only reading wat they want to read i.e cruise jobs
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Blessed Rasto Dawson Hahahahahahaha my #GOD plse save us in this world cz #ebintu kati bulikimu kili #kifula nenge hohohohoho.........pipo wama nze kansekke
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Diana Darling Ayoo Am very sure some people on this page will never get jobs unless they start up their own businesses because they can't understand even the BASIC ENGLISH words, Mukasa Michael and the likes spare us your stupidity
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Okello Denish what do mean by dat cruise ship job
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Oringi Francis Contact me on 0785381374
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Amooti Ruhweza Eyes seeing no nothing get and u are finished for ever..stay warned..
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Martha Leah Zesaguli You people see what I mean. This is nuts.
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Diana Darling Ayoo Am lost 4 words, Admin should do evaluation of members....this is alarming.

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Brought to you by none other than your own,
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District, where our hospital has no running water).
Many years of experience in recruiting 
Twitter is @mlnangalama
For God and My Country


"Ram Best d'rock"  posted this in a whatsap group called Da Uganda I want 4 All
During a robbery in Hong Kong, the bank robber shouted to everyone in the bank:
"Don't move. The money belongs to the Government. Your life belongs to you."
Everyone in the bank laid down quietly.

This is called "Mind Changing Concept” Changing the conventional way of thinking.
When a lady lay on the table provocatively, the robber shouted at her:
"Please be civilised! This is a robbery and not a rape!"

This is called "Being Professional”
Focus only on what you are trained to do!
When the bank robbers returned home, the younger robber (MBA trained) told the older robber (who has only completed Year 6 in primary school):
"Big brother, let's count how much we got."

The older robber rebutted and said:
"You are very stupid. There is so much money it will take us a long time to count. Tonight, the TV news will tell us how much we robbed from the bank!"

This is called "Experience”
Nowadays, experience is more important than paper qualifications!
After the robbers had left, the bank manager told the bank supervisor to call the police quickly. But the supervisor said to him:
"Wait! Let us take out $10 million from the bank for ourselves and add it to the $70 million that we have previously embezzled from the bank”.

This is called "Swim with the tide”
Converting an unfavorable situation to your advantage!
The supervisor says: "It will be good if there is a robbery every month."

This is called "Changing priority”
Personal Happiness is more important than your job”.
The next day, the TV news reported that $100 million was taken from the bank. The robbers counted and counted and counted, but they could only count $20 million.

The robbers were very angry and complained:
"We risked our lives and only took $20 million. The bank manager took $80 million with a snap of his fingers. It looks like it is better to be educated than to be a thief!"

This is called "Knowledge is worth as much as gold!"
The above was not written by Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)



I watched so many #Ugandans refer to President Obama as a gay man simply because he advocates for equality for all the people on his two stops in Africa (Kenya and Ethiopia).  His speeches were very powerful and in fact talked to all the key problems that we are facing in Africa and more specifically Uganda.   Then you have so many Ugandans go on Social Media and refer to this noble gentleman in a way only idiots could understand. It is incomprehensible. 

In 2013, two very important things took place. Ugandans were far too distracted they didn't see it. The POMB (public order management bill) was passed while they were jubilating about the mini-skirt and undressing women in the streets. Wow. Then they wanted a Xmas present. The anti-gay bill. Oh the jubilation. The day Museveni signed the bill, he announced that no one will rule Uganda until after 2056 except NRM.  Ugandans hit the streets and celebrated killing and incarcerating their own children, brothers, sisters and friends. They forced people to flee the country or live in hiding like hunted animals.  How many people have been murdered since you chased the gay people out?  Answer this question.  Answer it. How many prominent people? 

By the way, the joke was on all of you. The bill was rescinded. I am proud to be an advocate for equal rights for all human beings irrespective of race, gender or gender orientation.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District where our hospital has no running water)
@mlnangalama on twitter

Tuesday, July 28, 2015



Dennis Miller If you are interested in work on the cruise ship, if you feel you are the right candidate and if you meet the following requirements: AGENCY •Age: 20 years old and above; •Ability to communicate in English language; •Have no valid criminal convictions; •Free from alcohol or drugs dependence; •Have no psychological or emotional disorders; •Good physical health and emotional status; •“Can do” attitude, smile and good communication skills. REPRESENTATIVE TO JOIN OUR TEAM: (for entry level or management positions) • Applicants must be 18 years or older • Be able to speak, read and write English, fluently • Be able to obtain a valid passport and United States C1/D visa, A C1/D visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by US embassies around the world. This visa allows ship workers to travel around U.S.A . If offered a position, princess cruise ship will provide a letter to support your application• Be willing to commit to at least a 6 month or 4 months on 2 months off schedule • Be able to work with a diverse international crew • Have related experience for the job applied • Be flexible with your work schedule, job duties and job locations • Be willing to share a cabin • Be willing to work 7 days and up to a possible 70 hour work week • Appreciate diversity among guests and crew.if you are interested in working in canada or U.S.A,reply as soon as possible,add me up on facebook for more info.