Thursday, June 18, 2015


Becky just returned from her job and we were talking about each other's day.  She told me hers was great and I told her mine was also great.  Then she told me to write about it. Here you go.
I had a great day. Two of the people who saved my life were in the long meeting I had today.  I do not know how to describe the feeling.  When the doctors who saved your life tell you "we believe in you and you are doing great".  That is something.  I go between business meetings and medical meetings most of the time.  God will not take me away till my work is done. And apparently it is not done yet.

We have a tendency to take doctors for granted thinking that they only work for money.  Sad.  Many work for your life.  I am a living example.

I do not write about my life to brag about the Canadian Medical System but rather to tell you that countries which have no functioning medical systems lose many to death too early. Can you imagine #Uganda?  I am not sick a lot but if it should happen, I will die before the company charters an Air Ambulance to fly me out.  I wish my father had found Oil, had his own Army, printed Cash and bought a Gulf Stream.  Uganda must stop joking around with medical issues.  I have so much to offer to Uganda if I were to return.  But the country cannot even treat Malaria in Mulago. Then why do you ask us to return when you cannot treat the commonest preventable disease in the country?  Why would we leave well paying jobs in countries where we are not hunted like animals and have secure medical care and great education for our kids to return to a country where you threaten and poison even your own families?  Think about this.  We will not return home until we have a government in place which can offer us some form of personal security, a comparable income, good health care and possibilities for us to participate in economic development (via great jobs or allowing us to establish businesses which are not under favoured over foreign "investors")?

You make a very big mistake to think that most Ugandans who are outside do not want to be home.  We all want to be home.  However, your offer to us is nothing.  You prefer foreigners over us and yet the countries in which we live love us for our contributions in these countries. Our children get a free Public education and have medical attention which is also public.  Our employers love us. You on the other hand threaten us.

For the next president of Uganda, think about returning us home.  We have so much we can bring home and we have learned a lot being away from home. Home is best but not until we have some assurances.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
IT professional with a business background and some knowledge in Oil.

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