Friday, June 26, 2015


My first crack at this was for #Uganda to stop sending foreign aid to USA to avoid this abomination.  Oh yes I did say that.  You see, in 2013 and 2014 while the majority of Ugandans were celebrating "kill the gays" bill, some of us tried to tell them that it was not right to advocate for killing any other human being.  We were however attacked constantly and I even have screen pictures of what people said to me.

The day you advocate for the rights of another human being to be taken away is the day you sign your own rights away.  I hate to say that some of us were right but the situation in the country now tells you so. I will not mention the names of some of the most adamant people about this except to tell you they are dead.  No investigations.  Your morality is not everyone else's morality.  Your religion is not everyone else's religion.  Your ignorance of the things which are really affecting your country is now all our problem. Think hard.

What was shocking about Uganda is when I first approached the country in 2013, so many people were hungry. Many were dying of treatable and preventable diseases.  So much unemployment, to the tune of 84% graduates.  The poverty was shocking.  Yes, I am from Uganda but I was kind of shielded from these things.  So when I saw people jumping up and down in celebration of killing gay people and undressing women in mini skirts, I thought.. omg, we have problems.  AND after both laws were passed, our problems got worse.

Who in the world forgets that their children are going to bed hungry or not going to school and snoops into other people's bedrooms?  Many Ugandans claimed that gay people rape kids in Uganda.  Whoa, the rape rate even shot up higher since the law was passed and it is from married men raping little boys and killing them.  They also rape little girls and get away with it.  They rape everywhere.  So Uganda got rid of gay people and now we see the real monsters in the country.  Even the teachers are raping their tiny students.  I hope to heaven that we can shut down all the primary boarding schools because of these rapes and the beatings of tiny children.  I am still scarred from attending a primary boarding school.  Non, I was not raped but I do report your own news daily and the teachers are violating the children.

During the heated debates, some Ugandans (including some activists) said Uganda will stop sending foreign aid to USA if USA claims that they can dictate on this moral thing.  Others even said if USA stops sending aid, Russia will do it.  I watched Christine try to explain to some people about Russia and China economics but oh non, no way, these are now the super powers.  To this day, I wonder who is poisoning the water.  Russia and China never give anything away for free and have you looked at the Rubble lately?  Yeah, crashing like your own shilling.  Please people S&P is not "whatever,makes no difference, Russia is the Super Power".  How naive.

I had some people say there were going to contact my employer to tell them that I support LGBTI rights (this after they stopped accusing me of getting money to promote LGBTI). Below are some companies in Canada and USA which support LGBTI rights.

Canada = all of them, every employer
USA = all of them, every employer.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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