Tuesday, June 16, 2015


For two years now, I have been sharing information about education in Canada and many wait till the last minute to apply. Canada, USA and Europe are places which are paper intensive.  Meaning that there are a lot of documents you have to prepare before you apply.  I will speak for Canada as that is the country where I am.  THE DEADLINES APPROACH FASTER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE.

1) UWC Lester B. Pearson College - I finished my high school there. Full scholarship.  This information has been posted previously.
2) Trent University - I went there for my under grad and so did some of my FB friends. Full scholarship.
3) University of Toronto - went there for my masters.  Our 17yr old is going there this September 2015.
4) Mt. Allison University - our oldest daughter went there.
5) University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), our niece is there taking an Executive MBA. She has a Civil Engineering degree from Kyamombogo and applied from Uganda herself and got in.  UPEI sent their Internantional Recruiter to Uganda who met her.  Only Dora got into UPEI Sept 2014. It is a 2yr program.
6) Many of my friends went into all the universities you will see on the list if you care to read. READ.

1) Admission into a university or college is when you can be considered for a scholarship (we call it financial aid).  So stop asking about getting a scholarship.  Secure admission  as that is what gets you considered for a scholarship.
2) The Canadian government now requires proof of proficiency in either English or French (our 2 official languages).  It used to be that people from Common Wealth countries did not have to prove that they were proficient in English.  Till things changed.  Imagine some university graduates think Well be back is acceptable or two days back is okay. No wonder language proficiency is now required.
3) You will have to provide transcripts from your schools sent directly to the school you are applying to. This is why preparing now is a good thing.
4) You will have to do a medical but Canada hardly turns people away for medical reasons as they only do this to prepare for your medical care when you get here.
5) You will have to prove that you or your parents can pay for at least the first year of your tuition and living expenses.  Canada now gives an open work permit to all international students. So you can start working when you get here.
6) The information I am giving you has no affiliation with the Ugandan government.  You make a very big mistake not to consider reading what I post.
7) You cannot use FBzero to maneover this.  You need to use a computer with full Internet Access and read everything.  On the link below, you select your program of study (Canada takes even high school drop outs who are 21yrs+ and can apply as mature students) for any program of study.
8) PhD students are fully funded here so no worries about scholarship or work as long as you get a Research Supervisor and get admitted.  By the way, PhD students kind of get preference for permanent stay. The others get it too but PhD ones get it first class.
9) You should also consider universities in Europe as most universities have eliminated tuition for International Students.  I will do a separate write up on the Europeans soon.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)

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