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Gulu Youth held a funeral procession for Mbabazi with a coffin.  What were they thinking and their leaders?  It does not matter how much you hate a person.  You must never wish death upon someone and even hold a funeral procession.  What this is doing is getting sympathy for JPAM.  Who are the people advising you about your campaign of sole candidate for NRM? I assure you that they are setting you up for a total rebellion in the country.  You keep arresting the youth who are FDC or JPAM and you do not arrest these little brats who hold a funeral procession?  Do you this story was running on Twitter, Face Book and Whatsap.  What you are doing is showing the world how despicable the country is.  I do not think this is your intention but these things are showing the world how dictatorial our current government is and how dumb some of our youth are.  We only want fair and free elections but you keep throwing people in jail for talking or demonstrating or rallying so naturally we know who will win the 2016 elections.

The other thing, why did you send all the Military to Entebbe just because Mbabazi was flying home?  Is that not a shame that he was not even on the flight and you had issued a terrorist alert prior to his return.  Do you see how the terrorist will get you?  You keep crying wolf and inviting them in.  The world is now aware of your fake terrorists alerts.  Stop this insanity.  Below is the picture which the world has watched over and over.  How you intended to welcome one of your own die hard NRM servants and a non armed Ugandan citizen.  Which begs the question, what will you do when Kiyingi comes home?  And he is coming for sure.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District where the hospital has no running water).
For God and My Country.

Via Whatsap Kigezi Think Tank by Ndyabanika Elisha

Rt.Hon.Deputy Speaker of Parliament Jacob Olanya has lauched JPAM Go Foward 2016 in the nothern district of Gulu in style,On the 27th and 28th of June 2015,Olanya convened meetings at Acholi Inn hotel in Gulu town
.the appointed Deputy secretary General of NRM one Twondong and the minister incharge of children Anite Evelyn were in attedance.The agenda of the meeting was to organise a mock funeral of JPAM in Gulu town.NRM leaders of Gulu district were shocked to hear this from a man who is the alternate speaker of the Parliament of councillor who represents Pece division at Gulu municipality called Ochan Biew wondered how Jacob Olanya who lost a wife some time back would be involved in this stupid act,he questioned Richard Twondong who was abducted by LRA and spent 6 yrs in captivity if he had not seen enough dead bodies?The councillors and other NRM politicians were in agreement thar these acts simply remind them of the dear ones who lost their lives at the hands of LRA and would not take part in that mock funeral because it is against our culture and religion.Stuck ,Jacob Olanya summoned the guild President of Gulu University and requested him to mobilise 300 students to take part in the procession,the Guild President told Olanya that even with a promise of 20 million shillings he would not do it.Olanya at this juncture,short of options rang a certain Afande in Kampala and informed him that the mission had hit s dead end,Afande advised that Olanya should link up with the Regional Police commander in charge of Gulu and assemble all the crime preventers in the region to carry out the operation,indeed on the morning of monday 29th of June 2015,Police trucks that had gone as far as Zombo district were back in Gulu ready to bury an empty coffin with posters of Mbabazi.Shocked,the people of Gulu town gathered in small groups looking at the highest form of stupidity,and made one conclusion that all along they had believed that the Amama-Museveni fall out was just a trick between the two in order to kill the opposition,but if things are this bad then we shall support Mbabazi to end Musevenis 30 yr old rule.Thank you Olanya for your contribution towards JPAM 2016 Go Foward campaign

Kigezi Think Tank
From Charles Rwomushana's Facebook timeline.
Two silly episodes in the Acholi play relating to President Museveni -Amama politics have struck me and they surely deserve a response.
The mock Amama coffin and burial, that regrettably appears to have been state sponsored, and the Odonga Otto comedy of mobilizing a million redundant Acholis to protest Amama over PRDP.
The Museveni three decade narrative on the Acholi people has consistently been they are brutal murderers.
They killed more than 300,000 people in Luwero triangle.
President Museveni was able to convince the masses in the west that indeed NRA saved us from slaughter. You need a century to uproot this image.
When Gen Tinyefuza elected an Acholi as the chairman of his group in London, the propaganda around was Northerners were trying to use Tinyefuza for their agenda. The same propaganda was initially used against Besigye reasoning that the Northerners were staging a comeback by deploying Besigye to divide the west and allow in killers to decimate us.
It worked.
Museveni never tired calling those people killers and sadly the convenient method of protest that conveniently came to them was a mock burial of a living human being.
They have lent credence to the old adage that they are indeed savages.
The decent Baganda never carried a coffin to protest Mao an Acholi notwithstanding the deadly propaganda that Acholis killed Baganda.
I now agree some communities need psycho-social healing.
Hon Otto became MP when I was the RDC Pader District.
As Government we actually had two candidates in the race, Hon Omwony Ogaba and Odonga Otto.
Otto was introduced to us by a one Francis Odida of the Australian Foundation (in case of any errors on the names, kindly feel free to correct me. It’s long since.)
Mr Odida was a terminal of the First lady, was a major contractor of most projects and I had problems officiating over most of his projects mainly to do with the School Facilities etc for they were terribly shoddy.
Mr Odida covered the entire original Kitgum.
I can tell you without fear of contradiction, Otto was sponsored by the NRM State and indeed when the president came over in Pader, I was in Kampala for some operation, my Assistant RDC a one Bosco briefed the president we had an Otto as ours and the president told the masses as such.
Therefore Otto political umbilical cord was Odida and therefore the First Lady. I can therefore appreciate his zeal to decimate Amama.
The PRDP was my and Brigadier Elly Kayanja’s brain child. We convened a meeting of political leaders from the North at Quality Cuts on Gabba road slightly after the Amarican Embassy. The Northern Political leaders elected Prof Ogenga Latigo to represent them, I represented government and I later suggested the adoption of Mr Baguma Richard to represent Civil Society. The main thrust of the project was that if society was not given hope after the war, it would slide back to violence and therefore the need for a Marshal plan of some sort. And because I knew a multi billion project would raise huge contradictions within NRM, to cover my and our back, I raised Amama Mbabazi for clearance. We were then good friends and he was the Minister of Defence. He gave a go ahead and we indeed wrote the concept paper that was signed by the three of us, Hon Prof Ogenga Latigo, Mr Baguma Richard and myself. We circulated it and hell broke loose.
Hon Betty Akech, an Acholi and Minister for security summoned me and I went over with Mr Baguma Richard. We almost fought in her office. Reason, she was not made a signatory and the project was a rival project to some project on Northern Uganda in the Prime Minister office supervised by her friend a one Grace Akello. She certainly could not shot down the project and cause my sacking for I had the backing of Amama Mbabazi. Interestingly the project survived an Acholi at this stage courtesy of Amama Mbabazi.
General Saleh developed interest in the project, summoned me at his home in Garuga and attached Maj General Oketta, an Acholi, on the project. Donors were ready to fund it only if it was okayed by government and was housed in government. It was to be housed in the Prime Minister’s office. The Permanent Secretary assured me some powers were opposed to it because of its accountability regime and that they were not sure they would get “their share”. We were confident of confronting them for we had the backing of Amama and Gen Saleh in Maj General Oketta. To neutralize them, we decided to launch it at Grand Imperial with the Vice President Gilbert Bukenya. Prof Bukenya was fully briefed. He let us down at the last minute only to be saved by Prof Mondo Kagonyera. May God bless Mondo Kagonyera. A few months later, Prof Nsibambi then as Prime Minister launched the project at Kabiira County Club. They had successfully hijacked the project and circumvented its accountability regime. Im very sure, if truth be told that Amama had NO capacity to detect and prevent theft of funds in that project. Certainly Acholis partook in its looting. If they want to vomit and eat their vomit let them find another ground. I knew decent Acholis of the likes of Prof Latigo Ogenga who meant well for their people in that project and I know scavenger Acholis of the likes of Otto( with their proboscis embedded in Odida) who have profited on the blood of their people but talk loudest.
May those coffins they carried consume them and soonest.
And to the Almighty God I so pray.

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