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If you have anything to communicate to an audience, you have to find out how they receive information. In 2013 when I first ventured into Uganda, I had no idea that internet access was limited. I am not joking. I had no idea. When I found out that the intended audience had no internet access sometimes, it made me wonder how so many are on FB. I soon found out that their phone companies have an app called FBzero which only displays text with no links or photos. Soon, I started to share the information as full text with the links to the sources of the information. About a year and a half later, I find out that so many use whatsap. I am now in some whatsap groups (had a hard time even adding contacts being that I am a computer person). Imagine finding out that some serious conversations happen on whatsap. I would never have guessed. Since some of the audience is on whatsap, I am now in between whatsap and FB. I still prefer FB since all that you say is searchable via Google and I am a Google brat. Below, find some things I shared today on 3 groups on whatsap. I still only share the news on FB as I am more used to it. Something about information gathering in ‪#‎Uganda‬ and how Robert Shaka was arrested with the police thinking he was TVO prompted me to talk about data management.
[3:12pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371: My brothers and sisters, friends and enemies, before you issue a summon on social media, ensure that it can stand up in a court of law. Uganda follows British law. Innocent till proven guilty. Former French Colonies and Mexico follow Guilty till proven innocent. If you don't pay attention to the jurisdiction you are in, you risk a case being thrown out. Barring that, you set a very serious precedent. Uganda uses precedent and case law. And no one can be judge jury and executor. Walk carefully because everything you say can be uses against you.
[4:00pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371: [3:59pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371: Here is an article on data mining. Data Warehousing is the collection of data, warehousing it (data warehouses but think of them as data bases). What follows after that is to analyze the data for intelligence or patterns. Then produce intelligent reports from that data. Intelligent reports depend on what you are looking for. DataWarehouse are sometimes called Corporate Information Factories. You normally need a good database administrator (DBA or DBM) to help you navigate the data to get any intelligent reports out of the data. The world now collects a lot of data but the data is useless till you identify patterns and provide reports to the people who approve budgets. I have written about data a bit and you can find that on my blog. Data is useless until it is mined for intelligence to give you an edge over your competition. I will go one on one for whoever has questions as this is a big topic.
[3:59pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371:
[4:07pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371: [4:06pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371: VISUALIZATION SIGN UP | LOG IN

The Corporate Information Factory
DEC 1, 1999
The Corporate Information Factory (CIF) is a logical architecture whose purpose is to deliver business intelligence and business management capabilities driven by data provided from business operations. The CIF has proven to be a stable and enduring technical architecture for any size enterprise desiring to build strategic and tactical decision support systems (DSSs). The CIF consists of producers of data and consumers of information. Figure 1 shows all the components found within the Corporate Information Factory architecture.
The producers in the Corporate Information Factory capture the data (integration and transformation) from the operational systems and assemble it (data management) into a usable format (data warehouse or operational data store) for consumption by the business consumers. The CIF consumers acquire the information produced (data delivery), manipulate it (data marts) and assimilate it into their own environments (decision support interface or transaction interface).
[4:07pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371:…/19991201/1667-1.html
[4:13pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371: [4:09pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371: Informatica PowerCenter Demo - The Foundation for Enterprise Data Integration
An Informatica Demo
In this demo you’ll see how PowerCenter fits into your existing IT infrastructure, so you can make the most of the technology you own now—your hardware, software, databases, operating systems, and application servers—your entire infrastructure.
With PowerCenter, you can integrate...
Any type of data—product, financial, and customer data
Any data format—structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data formats; database and mainframe data; and even message file, standards-based, and message queue data
Wherever data may reside—in on-premise business systems, or beyond your corporate firewall with your partners or your Business Processing Outsourcing or Software as a Service providers.
[4:10pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371:…
[4:12pm, 2015-06-08] +15068716371: FYI, I used to teach ETL. Now I teach Uganda about basic human rights. Signing off for a bit as I have to cover the news on FB for Uganda. Enjoy. You all know where to find me. ExxonMobil and Imperial Oil Ltd. (Esso) sent me for all the training. My hope had been to share what I learned.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in #Uganda (Bududa District)
If you are going to hunt for Social Activists on Social Media, learn how to do it right. 

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