Monday, June 8, 2015


My dear father HK Museveni,

Papa Mulembe Naabi,

I have not written to you for a while now.  I hope you received my previous letters.  I just have not written to you because you are a lousy father.  You are lousy because you have never once answered any of my letters.  I have a lot to tell you.  However, I think that your minders do not give you my letters.  I wish that you could find a way to receive my letters.  I write to you because I consider you as my beloved father.  You will remember from my previous letters that my own father Daniel Nangalama died in Bududa Hospital because there was no medicine.  I also told you that I was right at the hospital to take him to Mbale Hospital for care.  However, the road from Bududa was so horrible and my father's blood pressure was too high so the attending doctor did not allow me to take my father to Mbale as he could have died on the way.  My father was a good man.  You even know him very well.  After his death, life was very difficult.  A child growing up without a father is very hard.  However, here I am.  You are the father.  I look up to you for many things (but I work hard too and would do it in Uganda).

Do you know that Bududa Hospital has no running water?  When you drive towards that hospital and before you turn into the gate, there is a stench.  I call it the smell of death.  I also call that hospital a death trap.  I do not understand why you cannot see the reasons for which I write to you.  My people are suffering daily and dying daily.  You are a lousy father because you are not helping them.  Although on my side, if you could even answer one of my letters, then we could have dialogue.  Now that my past pain has been said, let me tell you why I am writing to you today.

One gentleman by the name of Robert Shaka has been arrested and is incommunicado and apparently, the police think that he is TVO.  This makes no sense whatsoever. There is no way that Shaka can be TVO. While Shaka is in jail, the TVO has been posting on Social Media. So it is impossible that Shaka is TVO because there is no chance in hell that the police would allow Shaka to be posting on Social Media while in jail.  The entire world knows that the wrong man was arrested.  You are far too intelligent to think that Robert Shaka is TVO.  Shaka is not TVO and so I would like to request you to use all your powers to let him go free.  TVO is something that even most of us on Social Media have failed to understand.  I think that if you let Shaka go, we might then look for TVO.  I personally have no idea of where we could even start but you have to understand that I have never worked in Intelligence. TVO is like a ghost of some sort.

This now brings up another question.  This TVO who is being hunted.  What has he done?  I have read some of his things on Social Media and it is mostly sharing information about the issues in Uganda.  Sometimes he does share things which some Ugandans think are private information but Mzee, if you actually looked at what TVO says, that information is already on the Internet.  I think that instead of hunting TVO down, you should look inside to see who gives such information out.  For one thing, I have spent 3 days reading what Shaka says and he says what is all over the globe.  I do the same thing.  I use the media in Uganda to inform people about the news in the country.  The leaked information is all over the internet and we all find it. Some of us have told others where to find it.  Basically, we have told Ugandans to use Google to find the information.  So arresting someone who says what is already available for the public is not the right thing.  If you want to arrest, then you should find out who among the people you trust is leaking such information to the world.  You know my life story and you also know that I have no connections to anyone in Uganda Intelligence but you also know that I do Information Research.  Please Mzee, take a few days and think about this.  You can arrest one or two of us who share information but you cannot stop the tide.

Please find it in your heart to let Robert Shaka go free.  He is not your enemy.  And neither is TVO.  You should consider these people as your allies because they say what they know or hear from the people.  These are good people.  They can help you to formulate policies for better programs to help Ugandans. Who you should worry about are the people who tell you all is okay while the country goes to hell.

Let Robert Shaka go free and stop the hunt for TVO.  Become friends with them.  They seem to be more connected to Uganda than I could ever be.  So they could be your advisers.  I left Uganda when I was young so my connection is really mostly about sharing the news with the country and the news is from your own media.  I do write about education and employment but I do that for even Canada.  You are being led astray and you must find a way to stop this insanity.  The more Ugandan police hunt for social media advocates, the more advocates will show up.  You cannot arrest an idea.  I chose to be me with my true identity because not once have I ever felt threatened until the late insanity of some people accusing me of having deserted my husband (Daniel Nangalama). This ought to tell you how crazy some of the people claiming to work for you are.  They never took the time to find out that this man is my father.

The ball is in your court.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
For God and My Country.

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