Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Dear Hon YK. Museveni,

Papa Mulembe Naabi.

The Mbabazi effect is now hitting you.  Had you read my letters from 2014, you would have seen this one coming. I warned you several times not to try and tarnish the images of your best friends.  I also warned you that people who are silent are very dangerous.  Mbabazi supported the POMB.  Since he knew its effects of him coming out, he used Social Media. I have been teaching Ugandans about Social Media for more than a year and had you read my posts and writing, you could have foreseen this.

Mbabazi used youtube.  Youtube goes wherever Google goes.  His first International interview was with BBC. The last time I remember, UK is one of your funders.  Today he is doing another Interview with VOA. USA also happens to be your biggest funder.  So when Mbabazi uses the 2 main funders to Uganda and you do not get interviews with them, one has to ask what went wrong.  Let me tell you what went wrong, according to my not very humble opinion.

The Mbabazi effect is an accumulation of frustration.  When Dr. Besigye was brutalized in front of media, Ugandans were not happy.  The world media was watching.  They are still watching.  When you returned home "I am coming from America", after firing Mbabazi, the world was also watching.

Fast forward.  It is an election year.  Supporters of opposition are being arrested left right and center. Mainly FDC and JPAM.  Ugandans have had enough of these bully tactics and I think the world is saying "you know what, he was good but he is brutalizing his people".  I am not saying you are responsible but have a talk with your people.  Arbitrary Arrests and Land Grabbing will be your downfall.

Mbabazi has taken advantage of perfect timing.  Social Media is now all over Uganda.  Some of us have worked hard to inform and educate Ugandans. People are no longer asleep.  Had you had Mbabazi as your adviser, you would never have published that clip of you claiming sectarian issues.  Do you remember when you called people from the North Anyanya?  You even called one previous president a swine.  Then you called the opposition wolves?  I would recommend that you fire your PR team.  I became sure of this when they allowed the media to print "I will crush you" against your opposition.

The people are fed up with the arrests, the threats and no food or medicine and yet you have a vision.  What vision, now they ask?

The Mbabazi Effect is really about "we hate him but if he can dislodge Museveni, then forward we go".  I do not think this is the Uganda you wanted or want but it is the Uganda your people have set up.  The sympathy vote is going to whoever can dislodge you.  You were a great leader but got mislead along the way.  The Mbabazi Effect is a real problem for you now.  Wait till Mbabazi, Dr. Besigye and Gen. Sejusa unite.  You also have an issue with Kiyingi.

No holds barred. I have no axe to grind since I do not belong to any political party in Uganda.  I will be voting liberal for Justin Trudeau.

From Canada with love.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
For God and My Country.

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