Friday, June 5, 2015


Far too many people in #Uganda think that attacking people on Social Media who discuss the problems we face in the country are Enemies.  Think about it.  If you refuse to acknowledge the problems of Uganda and try to side line the people who dare to say what the problems are, you are the enemy.

It is very clear that some people reap their income from using social media to put down anyone and everyone who tries to discuss the problems of Uganda.  Frankly, if I was even paid to do such a put down, I would use silence instead of portraying that I am being paid.  How do people do this you ask?  When they say "you do not like Uganda, then move out of the country'.  Do you know how ridiculous this sounds?  "If you do not like the fact that you are suffering and some of us are enjoying  life, then you are the one to move out of the country".  This reasoning has one big flaw.  The suffering are the majority.  The happy ones are the minority.  The wealth in Uganda is owned by a very tiny percentage. I would say about 1%.  If you do not believe my 1%, then show me the numbers you have.  After all, I am not one of that 1% but do look forward to getting solid numbers from those who can prove that the majority of Ugandans are well off.

Think of this as theory and stipulation.  I put a number out there and if it disturbs you, you return with solid proof of how Ugandans are doing very well.  Please be mindful to include the medical care, education, salaries, roads, arbitrary arrests, land evictions, intimidation and guilty verdicts under duress.  Say to us all on this international forums how right you are and how wrong I am. I will be the first person to apologize.

For God and My Country
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Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
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