Saturday, June 27, 2015


My dearest uncle Kayihura,

I am sorry I have not written to you in the past but you were a very busy man.  However, since Mbabazi declared his running for president, I think you are bored.

I see you daily in all the media.  The things you say are not very good at all.  You seem to be issuing blatant threats to JPAM followers and anyone from the opposition.  Pray dear uncle, you have a law degree from Makerere.  You also followed it up with a Masters from UK.  Now, tell us why you are ignoring the law.  You know the police are not the law makers.  The Judiciary makes the laws.  What I am finding disheartening is you taking the law in your hands.

Did you know that the world is watching?  Do you know what happened to the spy chief from Rwanda?  Do you know that things will come around full circle?  Karma is a bitch and she wears stilettos when she comes to kick your butt.

I would like to request you to listen to reason.  My reason, naturally, because I am the best Problem Solver in the world un contested (oba how, even I do not know).

Stop arresting our people and shutting their voices down.  You also know about the land evictions.  People are hungry, sick, lacking education and fees and squatters on their own lands.  One more thing, prosecuting the opposition is not the way to campaign for my mzee.  How else would you know the problems which people have if you shut them down.

Hey, I just got another brilliant idea (of course all my ideas are brilliant, oba how?).  Go to DRC and bring back Sam Mugumya.  This nonsense of arresting JPAM and FDC supporters is a joke.  Do the real work and extradite Sam Mugumya. Did you know that there are 300 people in prisons in DRC?  Ask your OO, some call him Opondo but he is not my uncle.  However you on your own, stop the media circus.  You are being portrayed as a ruthless Military Police man and yet you are a lawyer. I like lawyers.

For God and My Country,
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District Hospital still has no running water)

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