Friday, June 19, 2015


Hon. YK. Museveni

Papa Mulembe naabi.

I have decided that you are not a lousy father.  Some people told me that you do not receive my letters.  I wish your minders could have given you my letters addressed to you because they are very important.  For many months now, I have been writing to you about key developments in Uganda but sorry Mzee, you never saw them.

Today I write to you about Social Media.  You have all my information and it is public.  Let me tell you briefly how Social Media works since you signed the POMB and JPAM announced his running on Social Media.  Had you read my previous letters, you would have seen this coming.

I want to be very clear.  I do not support you to run for president of Uganda in 2016. However, be assured that I do not support Mbabazi for running for it either.  I respect both of you.  Mbabazi has a very good chance though because his supporters are being arrested and being detained.  Mbabazi knows how Social Media works and the people are now getting afraid of you.  "wat, do u min if i tok, i wil b arrested?".  Horrible English in my opinion but so many of the graduates think such writing is okay on International Forums.

Papa, Social Media is not about posting your pictures wherever you go.  The most awful pictures posted have been you launching water taps and bicycles.  Which president even does that?  Social Media, besides posting the president's whereabouts, it is also about posting substance. Two days ago, someone posted on your behalf that you were launching a BPO.  I have never seen a president launch BPOs and I am a champion in these outsourcing things.  What shocked me is that some people thought that having created 340 jobs in that place was worth the news.  Mzee, you have 10 million unemployed youth and do you think 340 jobs are worth the news?  I have worked on BPOs which move thousands of jobs to lower cost areas.  Please tell your PR team to tone it down OR else people like me will say, "gasiya".

Most large corporations have a dedicated team of people to handle Social Media.  You have how many?  Social Media with a serious team involves scanning the internet for what people are saying about you.  Then countering it with real solutions, no sugar coating of any kind.  Then you also tell them what is being plannned and about to be implemented to address that issue.  It does not involve silly things like "Martha, you know nothing about BPO", because sadly, I have more experience than the monkeys who do not know it and think that attacking me is the way to respond.  Social Media is about being in touch with your customers or your voters.  So why do we have half illiterate people attacking and threatening us on Social Media when they should be only reverting with your good work?

Social Media also involves reading a lot.  READing everything being said about you, your country and your work.  I do not see this happening in your case at all and the attackers make you look like you have no Social Media Team.  Put a good one in place.  People who can write English, not Unglish and people who know the International Laws and do not threaten someone in Canada that they are going to arrest her. That team must also know the issues which affect #Uganda and be conversant with everything so that they can address each question.  I know my people so there will be some odd ones whom we have to ignore.

The only thing with Social Media is the fact that it is global.  Even the apps which most Ugandans use are running off the Internet and we all have access to them.  We can use Social Media to broadcast anything and everything.  This is how Mbabazi broke out.  His team knows how Social Media works and Mbabazi is hot right now. He is on all the Social Media and the world reads.  Remember, we have all made many friends outside Uganda and they read all that we share about Uganda.

Did you know that most Ugandans outside the country can contribute a lot to Uganda?  Most are even specialists in Social Media and IT.

Back to your BPO, it is great for Uganda as we can get many jobs in the time zone of Western Europe.  We do need Infrastructure.  Think a constant supply of electricity, internet and phones. And by the way, tapping the phones will not work for this one.  Let me teach you about the cloud.

Thank you for calling the Uganda Coffee Marketing Board.  For french, press one.  Fr German, press two.For Cantonese, press three, etc... The call came in on a toll free number and landed in the cloud.  The Telco provider has let you program where the call will land. You can land the call in any country.  Let us say it lands in Uganda.  Then we program the call with the choices for each language.  Now in the centre, we already know who speaks which language.  They all log into their phones and computers with a code (ID).  We already know their specialty (Accounting, Marketing, Customer Service, IT tech, etc.).  We are now routing the calls to each person for that language and that specialty. Remember that companies will send work in Uganda for the working hours in the country and then send them to other countries outside your working hours.  It is all in the cloud (read above) where we can route inquiries 24 by 7. It is called Following the Sun.

Now imagine they land in Uganda and the recipients can hardly communicate in the languages they used on their applications.  Then we are screwed royally.

So have you learned about Social Media and Telephony?  I can help but I am a bit busy now.
By the way, my speciality is not Social Media or Telephony.  I do back end handling millions of transactions and I love databases. I just mention Social Media and the Telephony because your praisers do not seem to know these things.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District, my father Daniel Nangalama died at that place as there was no medicine in 2000).
skype: mlnangalama, same on twitter and tumblr.

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