Saturday, June 6, 2015


Asking fora  scholarship before being admitted into a program is old school.  These days, one must get admitted into a school and then get considered for financial help (sholarship).  This one has been hard to teach my people in #Uganda.  One day I think some will understand how one cannot get a scholarship until they pass all the tests of if they meet academic requirements.  From what I know, for Canada and USA, one needs the admission first. Yes, there are application fees and so many schools will forego the application fees,  We just have to find the ones which do not charge fees.

I can assure you that my admission to Brandeis, Agnes Scot and Trent for my bachelors did not require me to pay a single dollar.

My admission into Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Toronto for my masters did not ask me to pay an admission fee.

I feel a bit frustrated when some Ugandans tell me that they have applied and paid fees and nothing worked out.  I was not even in their lives but abusing me on social media seems to work for them.  When I offer to help for free and a Makerere student calls me a human trafficker I have that conversation), I feel like telling Uganda. AWAKE.  Awake from your slumber.  Given all the information I share about education, only one would have to be against education to say that nothing I have shared over the last 2yrs is useful.

Our people are the enemies of our people. Some refuse to allow others to learn about opportunities.  Then the others think that one is our for money (as if Uganda could afford to pay me).  I have seen some say "she is anti government, stay away from her".  The saddest thing is the fact that I am not anti-government and no one from the government has ever contacted me and told me I am anti government.  Think about this one.

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