Saturday, June 20, 2015


Dear Hon. John Patrick Amama Mbabazi,

Most of my social media followers and friends are used to me writing to HK Museveni and I always greet him in Lugisu but I think I will have to learn how to greet properly in Luganda for you.  This is my first letter to you though so it is all going to be in English.

Uncle Mbabazi, I am naturally writing to you because I know that you listen and you read.  I have some good news and bad news.  Let us start with the good but then you will know that the bad is not so bad.

1) That move you pulled of silence was impeccable.  Do you know that I have written about you many times and in fact wrote about your silence for not announcing your intentions?  You can go on my blog and search for your name.  I loved it when you realised that since you signed the POMB, you could not go on the streets and declare your candidacy.  You are well ahead of some others.  You chose Social Media and now we are all glued to our computers and phones just to see what you will say next. OMG, you are keeping us on our toes.  This is an excellent move and I feel as if I was one of your Social Media and Internet Advisers.  You know you have brought so much attention onto Uganda, much more than some understand.  You are all over the globe.  Excellent Move.  I congratulate you.

2) I had no idea that wearing a Tshirt with the opposition figure on it was a crime in Uganda.  Now I know and the entire world knows.  However, I have to congratulate your team for always getting your supporters out of the coolers very fast.  Please keep this up.  Anyone and everyone arrested for being your supporter must be helped to get out immediately.  For example, I am not even your supporter but please promise me that you will pay for my bail when I get thrown into jail.

3) I have read and listened to everything you have been saying.  Class Act.  Some people have to learn from you.  You do not attack anyone at all.  In fact, you only focus on the issues which face Uganda.  Others focus on personal attacks and that is where they lose.  Thank you for doing this.  In all your campaigning, please stick to this.  The key issues and no personal attacks.  You are a lawyer and you know the implications but mostly, your advisers are cool in my opinion.

4) Now the bad news.  Please address all the corruption scandals where your name has been mentioned.  You know me well because I have shared some corruption articles of OPM being involved while you still held that position.  This is crucial for you to grow your support base.  In fact it is the one thing that comes up all the time when people attack you.  I am sorry I have no suggestions on this one but I know you are intelligent enough to realise that this is a VERY BIG thing or else you are losing out on many supporters.

5) Finally, having been with NRM and Museveni most of your working life, I have to tell you that no one trusts you. I even do not trust you.  But at least I say it.  People do not trust you.  Your 8 points however mentioned some good that NRM has done.  I have no idea how you can convince us the masses that we can trust you.  You see, trust is like virginity, once broken it can never be gained back.  NRM has broken the trust of the people so we need a miracle.

6) If you still have influence in NRM, tell them that the biggest mistake they are making right now is to arrest the youth and evict people off our lands.  Remember the French Revolution? The Arab Spring?  And these days some people are so full of themselves they slap fully grown men. I never even got a slap from my own father and to see a man being slapped in public, shaaa.  Something is not right with NRM.

I remain yours truly,
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Occupation, IT professional for the biggest Oil company in the world
All my information is public and I use my real identity unlike the fakers who attack me.

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