Sunday, June 28, 2015


I advertised that I was looking for an Assistant in Uganda.  One of the key things I mentioned was the person has to write Impeccable English.  You think your writing Unglish and broken words will not affect your job search?  Let me tell you some things.

1)  I got one application from a student at MUK in his last year.  His application was 8 pages.  I trashed it.

2) I got people sending me applications in Unglish.  What is wrong with this picture is my assistants have to review articles which end up being published (I am not a journalist but I edit some articles for journalists).  This would not even be an issue for Uganda but image is everything.  Most of my community service work involves writing and editing Business Plans.  So sending me Unglish when I do community work in Canada and USA makes no sense as we have to use the International language of commerce and navigation.

3) The job was taken by the way.  The person who got it owns an Internet / Computer shop.  He did not farse over the salary I was offering as upon reviewing his qualifications, I decided to become his business partner.  I will own 49% of his company but I will be paying bills.  We are reviewing numbers to determine how much but it is going to be more than the salary I had offered.  This is where Uganda has to pay attention.  Sometimes, the compensation is a lot more than what you see advertised.

4) I ran into some people with great education so I gave them ideas of what they can do to get their lives moving along.

5) I got one very nice application.  Had no CV or Cover Letter. Only the following email.  Naturally since I am in Computers, I will work with the applicant.  Not to hire him but to guide him along his path.  I did also get applications from some young ladies but I am so allergic to Unglish I trashed them.

6) My current assistant in Canada is 14yrs old and cannot stand horrible writing or not saying please.  However, since a lot of my community work I am doing these days involves Uganda, this is the reason I was looking for someone in Uganda.  Thank goodness I got one.  Watch the email application I got.  It may not be much for you all but it is horrible writing to an International employer.

I have sent you CV samples and cover letters. Exactly what makes you think you can apply for a job by the below?  Are you too lazy to attach a cover letter and a real CV?  If you have a degree of this level, the world expects you to do better than this.  Then the ones who commented with their phone numbers and emails, I did not read.  My Canadian assistant handles all my emails and does not access my FB.  I do not go to emails until when she is gone and she is gone now so I will be handling my emails until Uganda takes over which will start this week.  He is tougher than me and it will be great.  Learn to write properly all the time.  You use abbreviations and broken English saying "everyone in Uganda understands".  The unemployment rate in Uganda is 84%. Ever wondered about some of the reasons why?  The last time I hired someone in Uganda, I hired a Kenyan who lives in Kampala as the Ugandans were giving me a rough time.  We got one Kenyan to do the job of three and no regrets as we got the work done on time.  Writing was key.  He writes perfect proposals and reports.  Now you who refuse to write, how do we help you?

If I do not tell you these things, no one will tell you.  I have taken a lot of time to teach you these things yet some of you prefer to send your money to Cape Verde, Nigeria and Senegal to get Visas to USA and Canada.  I share from real life experience.  The ball is in your court.  Help yourself and read.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District whose hospital has no running water)
For God and My Country.

<<Hello, reference is made from the job advert, am a self motivated
graduate with a degree in computer science, i believe am the best
candidate 4 this opportunity! i can be reached on +256779xxxxxx, Thank
you very much as I wait to hearing from you!>>

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