Thursday, June 18, 2015


In 2014, our team in Uganda embarked on something. It was new to all of us and most shocking to me as I have not lived in Uganda for a very long time.  However, the team mates knew Uganda very well and  we are now here.

1) We set ourselves up to be independent financially.  Those who read my posts know we did it in Agriculture.

2) We managed to set up two tutoring centres for PLE. One in Mbale area and another in Bududa. Our manager for this project is one person you all know well, Karim Nanyiri and then Bududa is David Mwenyi. Before we could embark on something for the community,we had to enable ourselves and this is how we got into farming and tree planting.  None of us had ever done this but we learned together.

3) This year 2015, we would like to have more tutoring centers in Uganda.  The way this works is one person decides to help kids in their community to pass the National Exams.  We chose to start with PLE but it can be done with Olevel and Alevel preparations.  There are so many of you who could tutor kids in your communities.  Why not do it to help your people?

4) Our team pays for past exam papers to be used for review during the 2 months before the National Exams. We normally also pay for airtime and MBs for you to be present in a team chat once a week.

5) Naturally, the above cost money and anyone who is willing to contribute to their community is welcome to contact me. No money will ever change hands. Heck, I live in Canada and do not need your money but your community needs even the sh. 5k you can contribute.

6) Can you teach and coach kids in the key subjects for the National Exams?  Can you arrange to have a community centre to hold one 2-3hr session once a week on Sunday Afternoon? Can you be trusted to receive past exam booklets sent to you to use for tutoring the kids?  If you say yes, then welcome aboard.

7) It is very easy to help your community. It depends on you. I am writing this to you from Canada where my kids get an excellent public education and any relatives in Uganda attend private schools. So what is my interest then? It is because I never forgot where I came from.

We need community tutoring centres to help all the kids perform well on the National Exams this year. You are either a partner for your community to leave a legacy or you do not care. Put your energy where your mouth is and this one hardly costs anything.  You will not be remembered except for your contribution to humanity.  Let us make this year different and make more kids hit each question on the national exams with the right answer.  Our team and I cannot do this without all of you taking responsibility for your communities and your people.  One by one, we can make a difference.  We go, we go, we go. AND WE DO NOT RECEIVE ANY DONATIONS OR GOVERNMENT HELP.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
+1-506-871-6371 (same on all social media)
skype mlnangalama

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