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Martha L Nangalama

3459 Route 132, Scoudouc, NB, E4P 3S3
                                                                                               Tel. (506) 859-9055                                 
Mobile. (506) 871-6371
Fax (506) 533-3286

Do it once, Do it Right. I specialize in Best Business Practices, Accountability, Transparency and Efficiencies.  Give me a chance to help you become who you want to be.  Give me a chance to help you start a business. I am also good at looking at the bottom line and saving you money.  I have a solid track record in everything I do and I am completely at ease with Information Technology, Business, Marketing (including Social Media), Image, Customer Service, Networking, Facilitating Workshops, Teaching, Presenting, etc.  I speak multiple languages. I am an Art dealer, a music promoter and I have a Microsoft Partnership as well as being a Google Partner.

Aug 2013 – Current Team Member Uganda Center for Development (non-Profit organisation based in Uganda)
Dedicated to eradicating poverty through job creation and education as well as health care
Our team provides scholarships for young people to return to school while also paying for the education of the children of our team members.
We are dedicated to elevating Uganda to the position of glory she used to enjoy in the past.

Aug 2013 – Current Business Partner Bob & Leli Investment Group (a Uganda based company)
Dedicated to eradicating poverty through job creation and business investments in Uganda.

Aug 2013 – Current Community Volunteer, Wellness Foundation for Children

I do not suppose that you have ever gone hungry in your life.
Have you ever been left alone by parents who passed away?
Ever wondered what happens to the children we leave behind, the ones we forget about?
Do you know that there are many parents who would participate in a project that allows them to care for their families and care for children who do not have their own parents?
Perhaps you have wondered about how you could do your own part to bring into the world some changes…just you.
Welcome to the Wellness Foundation for Children.  All financial statements are available upon request.
The Power of Many starts with the Power of One.  You are that one.

I am an administrator on several boards on Face Book.  All related to Uganda and our needs there.  You can vist them by searching for my marriage name “Martha Leah Zesaguli”.  My maiden name “Martha Leah Nangalama” is still attached to most of what I have done which you can find on the internet using Google.

I am fluent in English and French and prefer most communication to be in English but will also communicate in French.  I speak various African languages.   I am a Canadian Citizen with origins from Uganda (also lived in Kenya).  I am not here to ask you for a job but rather to tell you that you might need me.

2004 – Current ExxonMobil Business Support Centre Canada, Moncton, NB (Exxomobil Information Technology – EMIT)
Network Infrastructure analysis and Project Management
Work Transition and Work Migration IT Leader
Back Up and Disaster Recovery (e.g. for Hurricane Katrina), etc.
I was one of the original team members who migrated Imperial Oil and ExxonMobil jobs to Moncton and Saint John New Brunswick.  I eventually worked on projects to migrate work to Brazil, Thailand, India and Malaysia. We migrated many departments from across Canada and the USA
Created Project proposals, made presentations, secured funding, supervised teams and ensured all project deadlines were met within allocated budgets (our budgets were usually many millions).

2005 - Current Owner, Nangalama Enterprises Inc. (a Canadian Consulting Company)
Acknowledging that the world economy is being shaped by entrepreneurs and innovation, it is crucial that our young people apply nothing short of the best of themselves.
People who have lost their jobs must become very creative and be flexible in order to re-enter the workforce and earn a living.
Nangalama Enterprises provides Business Consulting for start-up companies, companies which need to increase their bottom line, failing companies, charitable organisations, as well as mentoring young people for their education, careers or starting a business.
Nangalama Enterprises assists with legal issues (research and recommending legal firms), deals with Revenue Canada (Taxation and Tax Recovery) as well as advising on IT Solutions.  Best Business Practices are the key to success for any business as well as innovative ways to generate and increase efficiencies while at the same time participating in one’s community.

2008-2013 Business Partner, Shediac Fresh Seafood Inc., NB.
Business start-up work with 49% ownership of the company shares.
Dealing with Industry Canada, Revenue Canada, Legal Documents, Marketing Plans, Sales Plans, Profitability, IT solutions, etc.

2006-2011 Nangalama Properties - Real Estate Investments, Moncton area
Real estate business with 27 rental units
The business failed due to 1) running multiple projects, 2) lack of Real Estate investing experience in the province of New Brunswick, 3) assuming that real estate investing experience in Toronto was applicable to the Province of New Brunswick.

1995 – 2003 Imperial Oil Ltd. Toronto, Ontario
Project Analyst and Data Management Consultant
Data Management Consulting (Data Modelling, training other IT members, and Intelligent Information Extraction or think about Corporate Information Factory).  In 2002, I informed my manager that Data Management would be the hottest IT area in the future given how much data we were collecting then.  I was not wrong and now I know that the best investment any company can have is a good Data Base Administrator (DBA).
Worked with Vendors to implement various applications for the corporate departments (Treasurer, Comptrollers departments, Law, Charitable Foundation, Customer Service, etc.).
Wrote in house applications for various departments when I actually used to write computer code.
Coached Trained and Mentored a range of new Information Technology (IT) hires into various jobs as well as experienced mainframe programmers who had to move into the Client Server environment.  Imperial Oil Ltd. and Exxonmobil had always invested in training me on the highest IT systems.  I was in turn obliged to remain with both companies and rewrite courses and train other IT people in both companies.
Writing a Pilot application to automate Provincial Tax Payments which was approved and then implemented all across Canada with me being the lead IT analyst.  I was offered jobs by other Oil companies which were being forced to do it “my way” but I never took any of their offers.  I was loyal.  I was also offered jobs by the training institutes.  I never took them.  Loyalty is something that few know, but it is crucial.  I have not worked for the Oil companies since 2007 but I am still on their payroll.

1994 – 1995 Research and Computer Advisor, University of Toronto
Women, Work, and Computerization: Spinning a Web from past to Future: Proceedings of the 6th International IFIP-Conference, Bonn, Germany, May 24-27, 1997.  Presented and published my Master’s Degree Research at this conference and was published in the Conference Proceedings Book.
Helping Graduate students with computer applications like SAS, SPSS, Dbase IV, office applications.
Wrote a User friendly manual on how to use a program called Nud*st for qualitative data analysis, ran workshops to teach graduate students to use this program and got the manual distributed to graduate students at University of Toronto and The University of Hong Kong

1991 – 1994 Research and Computer Advisor, Trent University
Laboratory advisor for Computer students (assisting them to write applications, test, debug and compile)
Maintaining the Mainframe and Client Server Computer Laboratory

1991 – 1994 Conference Manager, Marriott Corporation of Canada
·         Hiring, Training and providing Performance Evaluations for 64 Unionized employees.
·         Scheduling work and supervising employees
·         Budgeting, planning, forecasting and being in charge of conferences.
·         I worked 60hrs per week while taking a 6-7 course load when the normal is only 5 courses at a time.

Masters of Information Science, University of Toronto
Attended on a full academic scholarship.
Took courses in MBA, Computer Science and Human Computer Interaction (HCI)

Bachelor of Administrative Studies (now Business Administration), Trent University
Attended on a full academic Scholarship.
Took a business major and core Computer Science courses.

International Baccalaureate Diploma, Lester B. Pearson United World College of the Pacific (UWC), Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
·       Attended on a full academic scholarship and that is how I landed in Canada.  There were only 3 scholarships for Uganda that year and I got one of them to the best country in the world.  What happened afterwards is history.

Dedicated Junior Achievement (JA) volunteer (Economics of Staying in School).
I love to see young people realize what the value of a good education is.  Mind you, I challenge them to prove to me that they have no idols.  I have been surprised sometimes, one girl wanted to have horses, a ranch and nice cars.  I asked her how she intended to pay for it and she replied that her parents would give her money or she would just marry rich.  What an amazing realisation…you mean to tell me I could have married rich.  But wait, another kid told me he was going to become a basketball star.  So I had the audacity of telling him that since he could not do his Maths, it was unlikely that he would keep any money.  Of course afterwards, I stormed into the teacher’s office for that grade and told him his kids were illiterate.  The school then always asked me to teach JA.

Anglican Parish of Shediac
Vestry member of the Parish  and Chair of the Youth Committee and the Parish Mission Projects 
I used to attend all meetings on my first 2 yr run and on my second 2yr run, I just plain refused to attend any meetings.  So next, my priest visits me (he is a wonderful man) and asks me to accept joining the Parish Think Tank.  Right up my alley…I can give ideas, I can think, but please, stop me from trying to work on things which involve late night meetings when I have 2 small children to put to bed.
Helping the Parish to set up a daycare – that was something.  The government of New Brunswick (NB) Canada has an incredible amount of regulations to protect children and elder people.  I am glad to say we got our licence and now the Parish has a long waiting list.

Harvest House Moncton
Fundraising and setting up a Board of Directors
Liaison with Revenue Canada for Taxation issues and Charitable Registration Maintenance
Liaison with Royal Bank of Canada to negotiate mortgage payments and interest rates
Negotiate with City of Moncton for Water payment schedules and forgiving past bills
Negotiate with energy companies NB Power / enBridge /Irving oil for  heating bills and forgiving past bills
Ensuring that Harvest House did Business Practices, Strategic Planning, etc.

Teen Challenge Canada (Memramcooke, New Brunswick) – fundraising.

Junior Achievement Canada (JA) – Sponsored by Imperial Oil Ltd & Exxonmobil. The Economics of Staying in School (ESIS). It is miraculous to see young kids in grade 6-8 do a budget, apply for a job, get an interview and then learn that their parents do actually a good job caring for them. 

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