Saturday, June 27, 2015


At Shediac Cape School one time, the principal gave her opening speech.  I have no idea why I was even there.  She said one Kindergartener aged 5 had told her "Miss E, you are the best principal in the world".

How many principals had this little lad even seen in his life?  But he was right, Miss E rocks.

Meanwhile before we moved from Toronto, I came from work and this one 18 month old was lying on top of the couch.  She said "bad mommie, very bad mommie".  When I asked her why, her reply "work too much".  Hey, do not laugh, my kids talked very young.  So this kid has been at Shediac Cape and still believes I am the worst mother (when I do not hand over my credit card or bank card).

So this year, I run into some youth from Uganda who tell me "Museveni is the best president I have ever known".  My question is always "and how old are you?".  Turns they are 19, 23, 27yrs of age. Shaa, so how is that possible that he is the best president you have ever known?  You have only known one president all your life!!!  Perhaps act like Mini and call him "bad daddy".  This is something to think about.  Until you have seen otherwise, you cannot say someone is the best.  I still remain bad mommie but the best mother in the world and the girls are awesome.  But neither would they ever tell people "Mommy is the best mother in the world".  They read.  They read and then some.

Ugandan youth are not reading enough.  Bukedde TV does not teach you to read.  The mobilizers are paying you to spew out garbage without your brain processing it.  How do you come on social media and say "Uganda is the fastest developing country in the world?".  If you did any research you would find out that the opposite is true.

As much as I respect Museveni, I do not believe that he is the best president Uganda has ever had.  The media in Uganda is actually teaching us daily why he is not.  Where is Sam Mugumya?

For God and My Country
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District Hospital still has no running water)

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