Friday, June 19, 2015


Dear Hon. YK Museveni,

Papa Mulembe Naabi.

You are the lousiest father I have ever met. You do not answer any of my letters.  I wouldn't even care if you were not called The Father of The Nation.  Tell me, what kind of Father are you?  I am concerned about some things and naturally here we go.

1) Why are you arresting the supporters of JPAM?  Why not arrest him the man?  Your Military Police is picking on the weak youth to arrest.  Be a man and arrest Mbabazi himself.

2) Why is there a witch hunt for supporters of the opposition (except Barya and Awori, no idea what is so special about them)?  Are you telling the world that any strong opponent and their supporters are enemies?  Please refer to number 1 above.  Arrest the people who went to the bush with you instead of these young people who are activating for change.

3) Did you by any chance get hold of that Aggrey Kiyingi?  There were articles that Kayihura and team were flying to Australia to arrest this man.  Is he in Luzira yet?  We look like jokers on the International Scene when we say we are going to arrest presidential contenders and then end up arresting the youth.  Who is your policy adviser and the one for PR? Fire them and get the ones who will not shield you from this public anger and it is global by the way.  No mzee, I am taken so I am not available. I will just keep writing to you till you read and pick out the issues.

4) Now I hear Sejusa was arrested.  Why today?  That man should have been arrested the minute he landed in Entebbe.  OR was he also untouchable?  I kind of like him. I am sure he is also one of the reasons you are hardly sleeping.

5) Today some Besigye supporters were also arrested.  Why?  Just grab Besigye and throw him into the cooler and leave his supporters alone.

6) In your right mind, do you think that arresting all the opposition supporters (naturally not Balya or Awori) will make you become anymore loved? I am even starting to lose my love for you and that is a big thing.

7) Do you have enough jails to house all of us after you arrest us for demanding for change? I do not think so.  Perhaps you can turn the schools and hospitals into jails. After all, they are not serving their purpose at the moment.

8) Do you know that there are some Ugandans who are harrassing people on Social Media for daring to say their opinions?  Do you remember that you told Rice "there is so much freedom in Uganda it is almost anarchy there".  THEN PROVE it.  Prove to the world that we have our freedom.  Let our people go.

9) Finally, did the police ever get hold of that trouble maker called #TVO?  Sorry Mzee but #TVO is very much loved and he is not Robert Shaka.  Your police and intelligence need intelligent people on the team.  Do not look at me, I am already taken.

10) If you love Uganda and Ugandans as much as you proclaim, then why arrest people? Why not listen to the voices of the people.  The people are tired.  They want you to retire.  Please do the right thing.

I wish you all the best and hope you stop showing the world that you are a ruthless dictator.  I loved you.  I still do katono and then will love you more if you let our people go.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District. My father died in Bududa Hospital because there was no medicine and this was in October 2000).
For God and My Country.

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