Thursday, June 11, 2015


I would like to address this issue as I have received many messages asking me about it. However, before I do this, let me give you some information about me in case you did not know.

University of Toronto, Canada, Masters of Information Science --- academic scholarship paid for by a family in Germany.

Trent Universtiy, Bachelors of Business Administration with core computer courses ---- academic scholarship paid for by Canada

UWC Lester B. Pearson College of the Pacific ---- scholarship paid for by Canada. International Baccalaureate.

Mt. St Mary;s Namagunga
Namugongo PS.

Bududa PS

Why I mention the schools and what I got from the schools is because of letting people know why you can talk to them about the topic you are addressing.

My work record since University of Toronto has been only IT with the biggest Oil Company in the world.

Now let me talk about the TVO and Shaka issue.

There is no way that Shaka is TVO.  Each of them has a very distinct writing style.  Learn the writing styles of your friends and fans.

While Shaka was held in jail, TVO kept posting on his FB page. Which brings me to stipulations of how the page could have gone down.

The only way that an FB page goes dead is due to the following reasons.
1) The creator or owner takes it off line.  I am suspecting this for the TVO page.  I have even previously killed my own FB page.  While I did it because I was not ready for Uganda and some Ugandans were saying things I did not want my international friends to see, I was not prepared to deal with them.  Others shut down their accounts and pages when threatened.
2) Many people complain about your posts and pages.  Then it triggers something on FB that triggers block or delete.  This is one of the reasons why I am strict about checking the posts on all the pages I am an admin on and deleting what looks like attacks.  Even on my own page.  Attacks usually show you who the enemy is.  Innapropriate posts also show you.  So for all the admins of FB pages, watch the pages diligently.  For the other people, watch for the attacks out of the blue from people who have never posted or commented on your Time Line.  They are up to something.  Block them.  How do you show up on one of my posts and say "you post garbage?". The world knows better.  Block such a person immediately because their motives are to take you down.
3) Face Book gets a court order to kill your page or your account.  This is one of the most rare things because Face Book does not do such a thing without a court order.
4) Some pages and accounts we see which vanish are really done by the creator.  Be very aware of this before you go blaming any government or Face Book for doing it.  The owners of the accounts are the ones you should go after first.
Let me get a tiny bit technical here.
Databases are storage locations for information.  What you post on Face Book goes into a database. On the database, you can put filters and triggers.  For example, you can put filters to search for key words to trigger a delete or block.  You can set up the filters as Number of Complaints, Nudity, etc.  You can also set up a filter on Country, IP address, topic, etc..  A trigger is when one or the above is met and then it just kicks the system into blocking you.  This is all computer programming.  So the filters are the key words we can look for. The triggers are the key words or number of complaints and then we go down.
My opinion is TVO took his account down for security reasons or too many complained about his page that it triggered a shut down.  I am available for discussion of these things one on one.  What I know, I will tell you.  What I do not know, I will ask my friends (global network of friends, attending International Schools helps) and if I have no answer, I will tell you.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Mobile +1-506-871-6371
For God and My Country.

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