Saturday, June 27, 2015


BURN! We are all one. Read back the last commandment one more time. One time when Ghandi visited Mother Theresa in the slums of Culcatta, she asked him "If you love Christ so much, why are you not a Christian?". His reply "Because of Christians. If Christians lived like Jesus or did what He taught, there would not be any need for any other religion". The problem with Christianity is Christians. Look in the mirror. Who died and made you god?
Homosexuality has been legalised in the US, and many Christians are upset.
As a Christian, I used to get upset over such things. Not any more.
I would urge my brethren to reflect hard on the fact that when God put Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, he neither cut the tree that had the forbidden fruit nor destroyed the serpent. To truly worship God, the option of disobedience must be wide open. If you obey God because you don't have an alternative, that obedience doesn't really count for much. Worship is when we take the narrow path even when the broad path is fully accessible.
The US Supreme Court hasn't ruled that homosexuality is mandatory. It has ruled that it's legal. People still have the freedom to choose whether or not to practice homosexuality. I don't really see how that contradicts scripture. God has always kept all the options open. Joshua told the Isrealites that, "choose this day whom you will serve."
One of the great things about the God of Christianity is that he neither expects us to fight His wars nor forces us to worship Him. It seems to me that when we demand that the statutory laws, which apply to everyone, be Christian, we are trying to fight for our God, a thing He neither needs nor demands.
Or is it that we have failed at the Great Commission and the Cultural Commission, and want to make up for the failure by demanding laws that force everyone into the Christian way? Well, it's not through man-made laws that God wants to expand his kingdom.
Forget about the US Supreme Court and just live the way God wants you to live and share the gospel and share your testimony. The advancement of Christianity isn't amongst the reasons laws are made. There is a difference between crime and sin, between what is legal and what is right. When the Supreme Court rules that something is legal, they are not saying it is right. When they say homosexuality is not a crime, they are not saying it's not a sin.
I really don't see why Christians should be bothered.

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