Saturday, June 20, 2015

Beware of mosquitoes, they are very dangerous - #Uganda

It was a regular kind of day and I was minding my own business (14,14,14,14) till this one mostico shows up with a baby on her back.  "Martha, can you allow me to suck a little bit of blood as my son is hungry".  Being a mother too, I said go ahead.  Then continued minding my own business.

Not too long after, the same pest shows up and this time with 4 of her kids. Naturally being a mother, I agreed.

I am still itching from the bites.  If you ever wanted to know how sweet I taste, go ask the mosticos.

Finally, I am thinking, this is enough.  Then she shows up with an army of her clan.  Chases me from the garden and backyard and I am running inside screaming blue murder and they try to get into the house too.

Kesho, it will be tear gas to recalaim the backyard, the garden and the front yard.  Mosquitos are pests.  They take one bite and return for more and then their clan and then chase you off your own property. Damn I hate mosticos.   Turns out I am also allergic to the bug spray.  Mosquitos, please return to the bush in the forest around the corner because we have never cut down the trees at all just so you can have your own haven.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada (whose national bird is the Mostico)
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District whose hospital is a death trap)

#Copied #Sammy

Just because a mosquito bit you ,all you could do is kill..._Do yu ever think if its an orphan mosquito??_Or a motherless baby mosquito that desperately needs to feed??_Or a poor mosquito who has been ignored by the rich in the land of the mosquitoes??_Or a maid mosquito that has been chased away??_What if the mosquito caught its wife with its best friend and needed to get drunk??_Or mosquito that had a recent breakup and its heart broken...Do yu think of that?? Your small blood is more important... You only think about yourself...Wicked people 😂😂😂


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