Monday, June 22, 2015


I have witnessed two big advertising campains in Canada.  So I say this to warn #Uganda.

Budweiser used to run so many ads it was getting on our nerves.  It back fired one time where people would walk into a bar and say "give me anything but a bud". Budweiser is a very big beer company in Canada and USA.  But their over advertising pushed people away from their brand for a bit.  We were just tired.  Bakoowu.

When Jean Chretien was running for Prime Minister of Canada. This one Kim Campbell was sitting in as Prime Minister until we could hold elections.  Her team (no idea who they even are) started running ads with caricatures of Jean Chretien and his face.  Jean Chretien had previously suffered a stroke. One side of his face had nerve damage.  Kim Campbell's team decided to make fun of it.  You have no idea how many of us got out to vote for him.  And we voted for him over and over and over until he retired from politics.  For her team to make fun of someone's medical issues and think it would win votes, shaaa.

I have seen some people posting about Museveni's health problems.  On the pages I Admin, I delete the posts.  I now see people posting about Mbabazi's health problems and I delete them too. It is improper to make jokes about people's health problems.

The way the campaign should be run is by all the proponents to emphasize the good of each candidate. End of story.  Do not think that abusing them or making cartoons of them will win people to the other side.  If you need a course in advertising or marketing or campaigning, I am kinda bizi these days.  But think about it.

Every time you make personal attacks on the candidate, the candidate will score votes.  The average human being is very kind and compassionate and that side of them will come out when you go out of your way to abuse the opponent of your candidate.  Now please pass me anything but JPAM or Museveni.  Tukoye.

One other thing -- never ever accuse me of being an NRM spy paid by them.  Show the world copies of the wire transfers.  Do not also accuse me of being paid by JPAM, or show the wire transfers.

Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Solid IT and Social Media Skills.
Stop making fun of our leaders.  You are an unemployed youth for crying out loud so respect your elders.
For God and My Country.

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