Wednesday, May 20, 2015


I have spent months trying to teach Ugandans about responsibility when using Face Book. Some listen but we have many who do not read or comprehend. Let us try one more time.
1) Not everyone likes to chitty chat. Stop inboxing people with no topic to discuss.  If you want to know the time or weather where they are located, use Google.
2) Stop abusing total strangers on Face Book as some of them might be the ones interviewing you for a job or a scholarship.  Err on the side of politeness.
3) You do not have to read everything on Face Book and comment on it.  If you choose to do this, then ensure that you do enough research to comment with a half intelligent comment or else you look like you know little.  Stop commenting on everything you land upon.
4) It is okay to disagree with a post or the person posting or commenting.  Stop going out of your way to attack and abuse people. This is what gets you banned from group pages.  If you have nothing positive or constructive to add to the post, just skip it instead of saying "Gasiya" or the best one I have seen from Ugand recently is "you are an idiot".  It is never nice to abuse or attack people.  The best thing to do is do your own research and comment with "According to what I have read about this on this link or in this book, I feel that your opinion or post is not accurate".  The average poster will appreciate the feedback.  Gasiya does not do it if you want to learn or educate the poster.
5) Threatening posters with silliness is not cool at all.  I get more death threats than I say.  So telling me "you are with the opposition in Uganda and we will find you and kill you" is absolute nonsense.  First, I have never declared my support for any political group in Uganda. Second, finding me and killing me requires you to get a visa to find me.  Sure, you can fly in any time and kill me but Museveni does not play that game of sending mercenaries into foreign countries to kill his opponents.  He even knows that I am not an opponent. Hating Corruption, Impunity, Nepotism, Inefficiency, Lack of Accountability, Stealing Donor funds and tax payer money (the things I write about) are not new to him.  He is aware that they are happening. So when you say to me that you will get me just because I just complained about lack of medicine in our hospitals makes you look more like an enemy to him than it makes me look. The fact is the man cannot even trust the doctors and hospitals in Uganda.  Think about it.  Attack me all you want but I tell you the issues which have to be addressed and I know his people read everything I write. So who are you to threaten me when the government and its Intel machine have never once sent me a threatening message. If you are a low level spy, you are setting yourself up by threatening me and the other social justice activists. One thing I know about Museveni is that he is principled and would never let anyone threaten any Social or Political Justice Activists on Face Book.  Time for you to talk to your bosses to get a better strategy.  The people who talk about the key issues are not the enemies so you have to now earn your money.
6)  You make a very big mistake to forget history.  You threaten and attack and abuse.  Did you take African History by any chance?  Did you take European History too?  When you sit back and think that "this could never happen to me", then you know nothing about History.  The reason why Museveni has ruled Uganda for nearly 30yrs is because he

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