Monday, May 4, 2015

UGANDA just GAVE a 40% SALARY INCREASE TO THEIR mPIGS when there is no money to pay salaries for regular people

YOU PEOPLE JUST WON'T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED. Ooops, nothing.  Welcome to #Uganda.  Civil servants, police, army, medical professionals and all you suffering people have to wait for wage increases and I hear some of you even go months without salaries.  At least our MPs are getting a 40% pay rise on top of their some sh. 30 million per month salary paid on time.  Are you still waiting for that sh. 250,000 per month pay for how many months?  Come on, come on, share.  How many months have you gone without your salary and how are the school fees things working out for you?  Never mind that, I hope you are not sick or any of that business of not having medicine in your hospitals or not affording your rent.  I do hope you are not one of the ones going 2-3 days with no food.  Talk about it.  But despite all these things, you got your SLEEP so enjoy it.  Enjoy your PEACE and ignore all the murders going on and by the way, SLEEP is great for you. So is a sense of dark humour. I hope you shall celebrate our MPs getting a 40% salary increase when your own president said salary increases are not a priority.  DID your father find his own oil?  Do you have your own money money?  Do you have access to your own Army? If you have these three things, then you know where to find me because for crying out loud, that will beat my need for the 40% salary increases for our teachers and medical professionals.

I am not done yet.  How many people died in the hospitals this past week?  I am curious about that number so  that in case I land into the money, I just slide in one death underneath and look really good.  TUMBANINA.  IF YOU ARE NOT ANGRY, YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION.  Cry The Beloved Country.  BY THE WAY, I AM RUNNING FOR WOMAN MP WITH THE NRM FLAG FOR BUDUDA DISTRICT. Khainza now has serious competition.  It will be fun. I will use all my current salary of sh. 30 million a month plus this increase of 40% to put Running Water in Bududa Hospital.  Did I hurt your feelings?  It was intended.  WAKE UP #Uganda!!!!

Parliament- Authorities in Parliament face a backlash after they approved a 40 per cent pay rise for MPs and House staff, in a move the Clerk to Parliament said came through “a rigorous process” and is intended to “motivate” members ahead of next year’s elections.
Details in the new policy statement for Parliamentary Commission show that if the ministry of Finance provides the funds in the budget for the 2015/16 financial year, mileage allowances for MPs will be increased from Shs2,500 per km to Shs3,500.
“In order to maintain well motivated members and staff of the service, the [Parliamentary] Commission after a rigorous process approved the revised mileage rates for members and an increase in staff salaries,” the Clerk to Parliament, Ms Jane Kibirige, said.
Her disclosure on a matter that had remained secret for months is contained in an April 20 letter to the Secretary to the Committee on Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

MPs already receive mileage facilitation of about Shs4.5 million, town running allowance of about Shs1m, medical insurance and gratuity and a monthly taxable salary of Shs2.6m, consolidated to between Shs18m to Shs20m.

Although some MPs described the move as “double edged sword” for fear that voters may look at their representatives as gluttonous, others, who requested not to be quoted, said it was “a step in the right direction”.

An MP from Karamoja welcomed the decision, saying the only problem is that some voters may think MPs are increasing our pay because government intends to increase taxes on fuel. “This is not about greed, it’s about reality,” he said.

Civil society watchdogs said the decision is “a huge slap” in the face to workers, especially teachers and health workers, who have endured “miserable wage” decreases in real terms since the last election.

They also backed government decision to establish the Salaries Commission.
Parliament spokesperson Helen Kawesa yesterday said: “The fuel prices have gone up and it’s appropriate that members are facilitated to monitor government programmes in their respective constituencies.”

“The fuel prices of three to four years are not the same today, yet MPs traverse the country monitoring government programmes. It’s therefore fair that members are facilitated to travel without any challenges. The commission revised mileage rates for members and there should be no cause for alarm,” Ms Kawesa said.

Finance says

When contacted yesterday, the ministry of Finance spokesperson, Mr Jim Mugunga, said Parliament is a self-accounting institution and that “the prerogative to budget and calculate resources is theirs. They only consult Ministry Finance before presenting their budget estimates.” However, Mr Mugunga warned: “In the event that they [Parliamentary Commission] have a funding gap in respect of allowances for MPs, they have the capacity to manage the budget within the provided ceilings.I am sure they are mindful of a small resource envelope.”

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