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Uganda has got so many problems that even all the Ugandans and the world ignores what is going on in that country.  We will have a blood bath at government change over.

It is crucial that everyone and anyone who reads the history of Uganda understands that we have never ever had a peaceful hand over of any government since we got independence in 1962.  READ and know your history.  All the elections we have ever had in the country have been rigged (or claimed rigged).  We have lived from one dictator to another and no one has dictated over Ugandans than the current one.  I hear some 75% of the people under the age of 35yrs of age have all been born or grown up under the current dictator whom many of you know as Y.K. Museveni and now he is called The Father of The Nation.

Our history since independence from the Britons in 1962 has been diluted to the point that some 28 million people refuse to stand up and say that The Father of The Nation was our Kabaka and Dr. Milton Apollo Obote.  Some even refuse to see why Idi Amin chased foreigners out of our country.  Your ignorance of our History and your refusal to acknowledge the past leaders and struggles will not save you.  We still have many elders who lived since the Independence time till now.  When they try to talk or educate, so many of you put them off as fools.  Did you know that those who ignore History are bound to repeat its mistakes?

You have gone as far as bastardizing our constitution and our education system.  All the hospitals, education and roads which Dr. Milton Obote and the much missed Idi Amin worked hard to maintain and build are all now in shambles. You have found a way to loot the treasury and the people.  You have gone as far as kicking people off our lands.  AND worse yet, you claim that you found Oil.  Read about that Oil under Obote and Amin.  It was reserved for the future or our children and grand children.  You have more slums in Kampala than I ever saw as a kid.  You evict people off their lands with live bullets and tear gas.  You will pay a price for all this and history could teach you a lot.

Lately, you are ridding Kampala of anyone and everyone who is poor and trying to make a living.  You dispatch soldiers to take over lands instead of talking to the owners of the lands to negotiate resettlement.  You even had the audacity to evict some 381 UPDF families from lands.  That my friends was a mistake you will live to pay for.

You refuse to listen to the people.  In fact, you kidnap some, arrest some, torture some and then kill some with impunity.  What you have done that you thought would instill FEAR into all the masses and keep them silent was the "Thugs" killing the most influential people in Uganda.  The thinking must have been something like "if the most important people can get gunned down by thugs, who am I as lowly as I be".  WRONG, because when the purpoted killers of Kagezi were arrested, soon after, they were released. So who killed her?  You think that Ugandans are dumb enough to believe that Kiyingi killed the 6 Muslim Clerics and abducted the missing 4 clerics?

Do you think that Ugandans do not see you demolishing schools in Kampala while you grab the land for "investors"?  Do you not think that they know that when you evict people off the lands around the Oil areas or the Mineral rich areas, it means that you are grabbing the lands for your recent law of "those who own land upon which minerals are found will lose it to investors"?.

Do you think that sh. 7,000 per student per year for education is sufficient ($1.75 per year)?  AND I suppose that you assume that paying teachers sh. 250,000 - sh. 450,000 per month is acceptable (delayed salaries of 6-9 months) while some non qualified people earn sh. 97 million per month and it is paid on time? You probably think that Ugandans are so stupid as to watch you buy gas guzzlers for your leaders while the civil servants, police, army and medical professionals go without pay.

I suppose that you assume that flying out your key people outside of the country for medical treatment gives the average Ugandan a comfort zone of some sort.  Sorry, many return dead anyway (RIP).  You cannot treat your own families in your own hospitals but oh mama mia, health care in Uganda is not a priority. Same thing with education.  You send your kids to schools outside of Uganda or in the best private schools in Uganda of which you have now decided not to put taxes by the way.

You intimidate and torture and imprison anyone who dares to say these things to your face.  WELL, I just did.  If people are voiceless to you and to the suffering in the country, then I guess this is For God and My Country.

PS: I will be voting for NRM in 2016 as long as you address each issue I have presented here.  You might also want to tell me exactly how much money Uganda owes to the world, how much, who and the terms of payment?  You will not sell our country out without transparency.  All my love.  My father died from lack of medicine in Bududa Hospital and a bad road to take him to Mbale Hospital.  My anger runs deep.  I will commit to a truce when you put running water in Bududa Hospital and pave the road from Bududa to Mbale.  He lives in me.

For God and My Country
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda (Bududa District)
Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
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