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This project is based on an initial capital of sh. 500,000.  You can half the numbers and start with sh. 250,000. You can also start with sh. 100,000.  Just use a formula on each number you see.  E.g. 50% or 20% in this case.

Let us assume that you have the initial sh. 500,000.  You will apply your formula to increase or decrease later.

You need access to land and a house for the poultry. You need electricity to keep them warm but our team also bought sigiris which must be covered with wire mesh to ensure that the birds do not fall in.  In the babies need warmth especially at night during your rainy season.  It is crucial to keep them warm or they die.

The layers is because we want 2 trays of eggs. Extra ones can be sold loose. I am allocating 70 in case you some die but you should go for ZERO % death.  In my team, only one person lost 3 chicks out of his 58 and I nearly killed that kid. I hate mortality.  He went and bought cheap feed from some cheap supplier and the little ones just died. Since then, we only use Biyinzika.  Now, the broilers are 50. In exactly 3 months the babies will be fully grown.  The broilers can be sold at 3mths, if they get too heavy their legs break.  The layers will lay eggs around 3mths as well, IF you steak to the feed from Biyinzika.  So at 3mths, you sell the broilers at sh. 25,000 - sh. 30,000 each. To be conservative, I am going to use a lower rate of sh. 20,000 each.  You will get sh. 1 million and above.  So now you change the strategy. You will need to build a divider so that the chicken do not mix with the next batch you get. Absolutely no mixing.

You will now get 110 Kroilers.  100 must be female and 10 must be male.  The money from selling the broilers will be enough to pay for all this.  In fact, remember that now you will also be getting sh. 20,000 daily from the Layers.  So your layers will earn you sh. 600,000 monthly.  HERE ARE IS WHERE YOU START THOUGH.
500000        Quantity   Cost     Initial Capital
-189000           70        2700    Layers
-92500             50        1850    Boilers
-187500           100      1875    Feed (kg)
31000                                      Balance

Biyinkiza is at Head Office
Plot 3, Johnston Street,
P.O.Box 5618 Kampala, Uganda
I only have the phone number for the supplier in Mbale though.
+256-794-221109 (actually, I think this is the head office but they will put you in touch with the supplier close to where you are setting up).  Our team works with the Mbale.

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