Friday, May 29, 2015

One MP in the current #Ugandan government was implicated in Human Trafficking to the Middle East

WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESE, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES?  REMEMBER THAT SHE WAS CAUGHT ON CAMERA CRYING CROCODILE TEARS ABOUT THE POVERTY IN HER RIDING.  THIS STORY HAPPENED SOON AFTER THE CRYING.  HEY, IF YOU CAN COME UP WITH THIS KIND OF CASH TO END UP AS A SLAVE IN THE MIDDLE EAST, CONTACT ME. You can do so much more at home with a fraction of the money which was involved in this one.  I have a business back ground in case you are wondering.  Stop giving up all that you own and ending up in a slave business.

Mpigi. Some youth in Mawokota North constituency in Mpigi District have accused their area MP Amelia Kyambadde of facilitating the trafficking of young girls who are lured into sex slavery abroad.
The youth also claimed that some of their male counterparts were taken to work as domestic helpers in Dubai contrary to the earlier agreement of getting them better and well-paying jobs.
Mr Richard Kalule, one of the youth who escaped and returned home recently, said Ms Kyambadde mobilised 300 youth from the sub-counties of Muduuma, Kiringente and Mpigi Town Council, who were sent to Dubai.He said those who were selected sold off whatever they had and raised Shs14 million each which they gave to a labour exporting firm known as J.A.G Security Group Ltd, which was reportedly seconded by Ms Kyambadde to find them jobs in Dubai. “We sold off what we had. I had seven acres of land after being promised that the job I was going to do was to pay me in a few months and buy alternative land in a few months,” said Mr Kalule during an interview in Muduuma last week.
When contacted, Ms Kyambadde wondered why the youth chose to tarnish her name, yet she acted as a Good Samaritan to ensure that they get jobs. “I don’t know why the media is picking interest in such a story. It has turned political. My role was only to connect them to a company known as JAG such that they can get jobs in Dubai. Is it a crime to help my people?” she asked.
However, on reaching Dubai, Mr Kalule said, all their passports were confiscated and males taken to work as domestic helpers.
He claimed they were forced to work under deplorable conditions with low pay, while girls were lured into sex trade in the brothels and nightclubs of Dubai.
“Our sisters who went are now sex slaves and are not paid for selling their bodies. Some have become sick and there isn’t any medical care given to them,” he said.

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