Friday, May 22, 2015


I tried politeness with #Uganda and fell flat on my face.  Simply because some people in the the country do not seem to understand that I am an informer and educator for my home country.  My home country #Uganda is not easy at all so politeness only helps the ones who are willing to face the now global village.  I feel bad for the ones who attack and complain about what I tell Uganda.  IT IS PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE THAT UNGLISH IS NOT AN INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE.  You tell me that you are sending $500 to some strange company to get you a visa and work for a company in Canada or USA, I have no choice but to call you lazy and an idiot. If there is anything you can remember me by, please remember me for telling you that READING IS FOR YOUR BENEFIT.  READ AND THEN READ SOME MORE.  Who even sends $1080 via Western Union to some company in Cape Verde to send you a visa to work in Canada or USA when you are in Uganda?

I used to laugh at such inbox messages till I realised that people were actually serious.  That also took me a bit of time to try to understand why they thought that sending money to total strangers (non traceable) was their option of getting out of Uganda.  Sigh.  So now the plan is to help Ugandans to stay in Uganda instead of losing their money online.  One day they will all see the light.

Please people, if you have $1080 to send to a stranger on the internet, why not try me. You will keep your money and I will not take a penny from you.  I will just give you advice which you do not have to pay for.  Even the minimal fees they ask for of some $300-$400 initial can do a lot in Uganda.

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