Sunday, May 31, 2015

Mind Your Health Magazine is a group run on Whatsap and FB by a doctor in Cameroon

From group Mind Your Health Magazine. A doctor in Cameroon facilitates it. He is the go to person with health questions. All members can ask questions and get answers. We also contribute what we know and experience or have experienced. Here is what I just shared with the group. If you think reading is expensive, try ignorance.
Jude had written about UTIs and if you missed it, then scroll up. Last week, I got an inquiry from some one in Uganda about UTI and if it affects the reproductive system. You have to understand that most of my people in Uganda do not have full internet access. And few can afford a doctor or a proper diagnosis. So I tend to use Google to get information. However many women have suffered UTIs. I confirmed that the sister was having a burning sensation. My advice was to go to the closest medical Centre and get a urine test. When she told me that the Centre had no staff or testing capabilities, I advised a visit to the closest pharmacy and get Amoxycillin for 7 days. Take 500 mg tabs twice a day (one pill twice) or 4 pills a day (250 mgs four times daily) and finish the full treatment no matter if she gets well. You see, if you take partial treatment of antibiotics, you risk your life when you become resistant to the medication. This is why you always have to take the full dose to the end. Yesterday the young lady sent me a message that she is much better. But itching. Antibiotics can kill off the good bacteria and you end up with a yeast infection. It doesn't happen all the time but it can happen. So whenever you are on antibiotics, eat as much yoghurt as you can get your hands on. The bacteria in yoghurt kills off the bad bacteria. In Kenya, you can drink maziwa lala. In Uganda, you can make maziwa lala by using fresh milk and squeezing a lemon or putting vinegar in it to make it cuddle. The treatments for a yeast infection are expensive and in a country with a poor medical system, prevention is better than cure. There is also another prevention. Cranberry juice (not from concentrate) seems to work rather well. My suggestion to friends and family is a glass of cranberry juice at breakfast and supper time. PS: I have no medical training. Some of us are facing mediocre medical health and we need to beware. By being in this group, you can learn much which you can share with your loved ones. Where we err, Jude will guide us. Anyone feel like cranberry juice now? Thanks Judex.

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