Saturday, May 23, 2015


Kiyemba Harunah

If you look through history what was the age of the people who led liberation struggles on the African continent-20s and early 30s;
Edwardo Molek,Mozambique
Samora Michele ,Mozambique
Nelson Mandela,South Africa
Oliver Tambo,South Africa
Augustino Netto ,Angola
Kenneth Kaunda,Zambia
Kamuzu Banda,Malawi
Tom Mboya,Kenya
Julius Nyerere,Tanzania
Apolo Milton Obote, Uganda
Patrick Lumumba,DRC
Kwame Nkurumah-Ghana
Muammar Gaddafi
Yoweri Kaguta,Uganda
Benedicto Kiwanuka,Uganda
Kizza Besigye
All these people had one thing in common young people with no money but with conviction to liberate the African continent.
50 years later their children and grand children are not inspired by such great men but RickRoss,Beyonce,Jayz,BebeCool,
Telemundo soaps,Movies stars, taking pictures of "Boat Cruise" very risky with accident bound to happen any time because they are too old to be called boats anyway,parties themed based on the pervasiveness of organisers bikini,pant less,Album launches every weekend for a musician to come and mime the songs for the audience even forgetting their own songs.
This is a tragedy of my generation because when you follow them even in clubs or bars their conversation is about girls,men, booze, football,betting,Movies,nudes,music,latest smartphone without anything to change their mind set on how to transform their lives or country.
The media has also not spared the population,the glorify failures mbu celebrity yet the same group release their own nude videos and pictures just to be talked about in society. When one is organising a wedding and no publicity to it they start creating fake stories of cancellation two days before the scheduled for the wedding.
Therefore,don't blame President Museveni for staying here for long because you who want to take over have no conviction or goal apart from also wishing for an opportunity to upgrading as your living standards but nothing to help this country.
When I see the posts of some people on Facebook Imagine what is the aim of this person in life.Shisha,wine bottles,sharing fish at the beach,Dancing halls mbu clubs the list is endless.
If you want to change society and your life start with you don't ask what the 1960s youth have failed to do because have resorted to waste your youthful years on none issues.
May Allah bless you all.

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