Wednesday, May 20, 2015


One day, our family was at a beach in Normandy (France), I watched the tide come in very fast. I wondered how all the people who were close to it would survive it. The French know how to swim very well. It was something to watch families swimming or running back from when the first tide hit. I developed respect for people who can swim in a tide. I soon learned to read the tidal warnings. Frst forward to Fundy Bay in New Brunswick Canada. There are waves as high as a 6 storey building and bury you faster than you can swim. I bet you are wondering what the point of this message is. The tides of change in The Great Lakes Region will hit you unprepared. I hope you know how to swim very fast. The tides will destroy you and anything you call a boat. Not only that, they will destroy everything close to you. Never under estimate the power of a tide. I hope you know how to swim very fast and can get to safe land. Those of you who think that the NRM ship is stronger than the Titanic have obviously never gone sailing or been stuck on a sinking ship. Captain, please steer this ship right and avoid that ice bag. The tide is moving in and the ice bag will crumble the Titanic.

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