Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I am trying to understand why Google shut off UAH (Ugandans At Heart).  Many Ugandans are blaming this on Museveni and NRM but I think they are not reasoning this one out. Most Ugandans actually rely on FaceBook and do not know how the rest of the Internet works.  The ones who know how the Internet works know that you do not mess around with Google.

In our time now, when asked a question, you just reply "Google It".
To boot, most recruiters, business partners, scholarships, etc.. all rely on Google to find you.  So the way this works is one launches a browser and most browsers are now set to use Google as the landing page.  On this page, you type in the name of the potential candidate.  It brings up all their information, posts on Facebook and all their comments.  It increases the traffic for Google as some people end up clicking on the Ads.  Advertising on the internet works by clicks on the add.  The advertisers have prepaid for each click.

When Google shuts your page down, it means that none of your followers will be found online from the time when you are cut off.  What Google just did to UAH is a lot more powerful than I can explain to #Uganda.  Google just literally shut off advertising to some 77,000 people and naturally, this begs the question of why?  Face Book can still work for UAH. Unfortunately the average recruiter uses the Google search engine to locate information about you.

Hey, I do not have all the answers and I will keep looking and sharing.  I am currently just a bit frustrated about Google shutting off UAH.  This is nothing to do with Museveni at all.  Hey, do not go off saying I am an NRM, because I am a Liberal and will be voting for Justin Trudeau this year.  What is intriguiging is UAH was shut down twice in late 2014 by apparently Face Book.  I looked into how Face Book works to shut down pages and did not find a convincing reason.  Some Ugandans claimed that NRM and Museveni told Face Book to shut down UAH. This is impossible.  Impossible.  Face Book has some solid practices and no one can tell them to shut down a page.  Face Book and Google do have the authority to pull their services out of a country though... if forced to do so.  Face Book did not shut down UAH. Now we have to wait to know why Google shut off UAH.  I do not have answers to many questions which we face. I do not know.

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