Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I cannot emphasize this enough to the world.  Our country #Uganda has a constitution which allows us Freedom of Speech.  The Idiots who signed the Public Assembly bill were so back ward and did not realise that when we cannot assemble in public to discuss our problems, we would use the Internet. YES, they were backward because they supported and signed a Bill which has banned public assemblies unless pre-authorized.  Do you think we like live bullets and tear gas?  NOPE.

Uganda has much to learn from Brazil and one time, you will learn.  When you stifle dissent and opposition, you set yourself up for failure.  So with all the bills you have passed, how are you doing?  Uganda ranked 140 out of 170 for Corruption.  Do you not think you should be concerned about this given the "Peace, Stability, Security, Development, Progress and Education" that you have attained?  Do you not think that the world knows?  Do you not think that the donors know?  Every penny you have stolen from the Donors has lost you millions of pennies.  When we talk about these things you hate us and label us as terrorists? Have you lost your minds?  What did you do with that 430 million Euros from The Global Fund which has never been traced by the way?  Then your recent scandal of sh. 169 million missing from the Savings Plan  for retirees?  AND you think we are the enemies just because we discuss these things?  The fire which will burn you.

I am not done yet.  The land grabbing in Uganda is going to bring the tower down.  You think that you can take away the only thing a human being in Uganda owns as their ancestral land and we do not discuss this because it is inciting people for violence?  What kind of water are you drinking?  There has been so much land grabbing in Uganda and many did not even see it coming but now that every corner of the country is losing land and our people are living like paupers, you claim that the investors can utilize the land better than the original owners.  Which investors?  Do you not know that Ugandans can make better chapati and sumbusa than these "Investors"?  AND when we joke and discuss such, you go hunting for us.  You make a very big mistake.  You let the country down and lost some of your best brains who are now outside Uganda and discussing these issues.  I have some news for you though.... the best brains still live in Uganda.  You can hunt them down as much as you want and gun them to death but for everyone you kill, two will show up.

Welcome to the new world.  Stop shutting our voices down.  We are not against the government.  We are against corruption and broad daylight stealing.  We also fear the daily deaths by sijui, mercenaries or thugs but this will not stop the tide.  Thank you for the sleep but we have slept enough.  We are now fully awake.  You make a very big mistake to think that intimidating and terrorizing the country into silence is an option.  No More.  You could have done it and gotten away with it but the minute you started killing your own VIPs, you woke us all up.  Kagezi was not killed by Al Shabaab and you know it.  Who killed our 6 Muslim Clerics?  Do you know how silly it sounds that with all the money pumped into Uganda we cannot complete an investigation and provide a report?

Well, now that I am feeling rather good after telling you the above, there is no way in hell we are returning home to a country which has no medicine in hospitals, does not pay their people, exports medical professionals and we do not even have an Airline to chatter to fly to Europe in case we get sick.  The sh. 6 million per day in a private hospital is not an option.  Some of us might need life support for 60 days and how will we handle that.

For God and My Country
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Martha Leah Zesaguli (Nangalama)
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