Wednesday, April 15, 2015


I do not block them because I need them to show their full brains to the world so that the employers can have justification for not employing them. ------------------------------- Conversation started today Habumugisha Gad 3:22am Habumugisha Gad hey Wednesday Habumugisha Gad 4/15, 5:10pm Habumugisha Gad gd evng Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:27pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Still afternoon here but good evening to you Habumugisha Gad 4/15, 5:32pm Habumugisha Gad are sure where au Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:35pm Martha Leah Zesaguli OF what business is it of yours? My FB profile has all my info. Never inbox anyone before you read their profile. Otherwise you will be considered annoying. Habumugisha Gad 4/15, 5:41pm Habumugisha Gad pliz just cool down coz i know profiles can change so long as you wish so we dont consider profiles dia especially shifting of locations Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:42pm Martha Leah Zesaguli One second.. let me get you something Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:47pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Tour Guide and IT specialist. == LIE, University of Cambridge === Imposssible, Kirosor and 21yrs old== then tell the world how you managed to graduate from Cambrige University, be a Tour Guide and an IT specialists all in your 21yrs? You either block yourself or you go on your FB profile and stop the lying and put your real nformation. ARE WE CLEAR? Habumugisha Gad 4/15, 5:51pm Habumugisha Gad why do u say cambridge university impossible do u know me Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:53pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:54pm Martha Leah Zesaguli No idiot from Uganda graduates from Cambrige at 21ys of age, is an IT specialist and bla bla ... Next time hit on someone else you stupid buffoon. Now the world can know what idiots we are producing. Tumbanyako. Habumugisha Gad 4/15, 5:55pm Habumugisha Gad tour guide en IT consultant a lie who told u Martha Leah Zesaguli 5:56pm Martha Leah Zesaguli Cambridge.. hahaahahahaahaha

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