Saturday, April 11, 2015


Dear Hon. K. Y Kaguta,

Papa, mulembe naabi.

You are one of the worst fathers in the whole world?  How come you never write back?  I have written to you many letters but you will never replace my own natural father.  At least he used to write back every time I wrote to him.  I do not care about your being busy.  You are a very pathetic father.  If you write back, I will respect you.  For now, you seem  to be too busy to write back.  If my own father was alive, I would not be so angry at you.  Did you know that he died in Bududa Hospital because there was no medicine to save him?  Did you also know that the road from Bududa to Mbale was so horrible and the car I had waiting to take him to Mbale was useless?  My father died because of negligence.  I do not blame this on you at all.  Do you know that Bududa Hospital has no running water and medicine? I have written to you many times about this issue but still to this day, that hospital has no running water and that road is horrible.  Did you know that not everyone in Uganda can afford to fly out of the country for medical care?  Did you also know that my father dedicated his life to Uganda and East Africa.  I know that you know him well.  He lives in me.  Did you also know that my people go days with no food and the education is horrible?  Did you know that UPTL (UTL) Post Bank were some of my father's inventions?  Did you know that rural community development initiatives are very powerful, not only for Kigezi area but for the whole country?  Did you know that we can make many changes in Uganda if we remember our history?  Do you even know that I am ready to return home but will not do so until we have a functioning medical system? Mzee, I am not an enemy.  I just inquisitive about such major issues.

My main reason for writing to you today is for your to reconsider some things.  We have two great doctors that you know very well.  Dr. Besigye took his oath very seriously and even when tear gassed and shot, he never said a word about your family.  We need him.  Now this Dr. Aggrey Kiyingi, a cardiologist with a lot of experience hat we need in Uganda.  I can say for sure that he also believes in his oath for being a doctor.  Our medical system needs great doctors.  May I kindly ask you to call off the dogs.  It is impossible that these two gentlemen are enemies.  We have far too many sick people in Uganda and I am certain that these two doctors can help us.  I know for sure they would have saved my father's life. I need you to think about this one very hard.  Uganda loves you and will vote for you in 2016 but what will you deliver?  I would beg that you deliver medical care?  I would also beg you that you remember my previous letters.  Tell your people to stop arresting youth who are unemployed.  These are really your kids so why arrest them and imprison them?  Not everyone had the privilege of going to Namagunga or abroad.  You know what I am talking about as I did both.  But if you terrorize (sorry, it is not you), then how can you be loved?

Most of us outside Uganda have much to deliver in Uganda but until some things are fixed, we will stay away.  You and all your Intel know that I did not flee Uganda.  I left on a full scholarship.  I have learned much from being away from Uganda and now I want to return home and bring what I learned.  Do you like music?  I think you do.  Narudi Nyumbani.  Enjoy it because I am coming home.  You sent me away to learn and I have learned. Every Ugandan abroad misses home and wants to return.  "I went out of Uganda to represent my nation".  I think I have done you proud.  The rest is up to you.

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