Wednesday, April 15, 2015


What a tough thing to face.  To learn that some "Intellectuals" stoned a kid to death and bragged about it on Face Book has caused this immense anger that I cannot put my finger on.  Yes, you have all read my other messages bout the late David Ojok. I learned something else today.  This young man was a software engineer and I have a tender sport for software.  But imagine his father is a low paid police man in the Ugandan police who struggled so hard to pay for his kid to go to the "most prestigious university in Africa", likely has debts.  His son graduated in Jan 2015.  His colleagues killed him and now the University, students and graduates are brushing this brutal murder under the carpet.  The furor and anger.. I am a parent too.

One gentleman had written about Critical Thinking for our schools in Uganda.  Naturally, some MUK graduates did not think it was important.  Oh my gosh, well, never mind.  Now they know.

One thing that I find lacking is Emotional Intelligence.  This, just like Critical Thinking, I thought it was in born.  I also thought common sense was in born.  However, society has changed do much that now we need to teach these things.  Andre Mwenda\s piece on Critical Thinking needing to be taught in school is bang on.  We take so much for granted.  However, now I think that Emotional Intelligence needs to be taught as so many do not seem to learn it as they grow up.

The things we took for granted when we were young, they are no more. No more.  We are facing a generation of brutal kids in Uganda who are arrogant and take no advice from anyone, hungry and angry and lashing out at anyone and running to a brutal beating to take pictures and post on Face Book.  Have you lost your minds?  Have we lost our selves?  Oh, for sure, we have lost our humanity and compassion.  Let this death change us all into the kind people were born to be.  My goodness, the images are awful but I will just attach the bragging after the killing.  Welcome to the Most presitigious University in Africa, the Ivory Tower of #Uganda where most of my family went to school and so many friends are even there.

I hope that the next time a business man or lay person comes to MUK to talk, you listen and listen very well.  Some of your students have put your school on the world map and not in a nice way.  You say it was some few apples? Guess what, it is all about image.  Nkrumah Hall has put Makerere University on the world map via Social Media (picture follows) and then the picture which is in the media.  ARE you happy now?

David Ojok was a young wonderful man.  You took away his life.  There is no excuse.

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