Friday, April 17, 2015


We used to attend this one church in Toronto.  It was a great church.  The priest had spent some 30+ years in Africa and most oh his sermons were about Africa.  I fit right in.  Till this one day after one of the biggest scandals broke out about child abuse by priests. We were attending a Catholic church as the father of the girls is from France and as Catholic as they come.  I had been in schools with nuns and everything fit perfectly.  Now after this scandal broke out, I was waiting for our priest to address it head on.

The offending priests were transferred to other parishes.  The first thing that came to my mind was, but then they will go and violate some other kids in another parish.  I will never forget what our priest said.

No matter what some few people have done, you must remember that we brought you the love of our Lord and we taught you kindness and forgiveness and you should remember these things and forgive the bad things.  AND THIS IS KEY, FORGIVE THE BAD THINGS AND REMEMBER THE GOOD THINGS.

I looked at this child I was holding in my arms and imagined if she went into the service.

We left that church and raised the girls in an Anglican church.  Not saying there are no issues with Anglicans but at least the priests marry so the chances of them picking on little kids is a bit smaller.  Our girls were baptised in a Catholic church in Lisieux France and we are die hard Christians.  However, the minute you become a parent, you become very protective of kids, yours and others.  Anglican works fine now and our Parish is one where I can drive to any elder's home and express my frustration and I have had a few but not as much as what I felt when our priest told us, forget about the child molestation, they have been transferred.

Do you ever wonder why so many of us are staying away from the churches?  Incidentally, this is the same thing with the politcs of my home country Uganda.  You still and get promoted or moved somewhere else and there are no consequences.  The people become frustrated and you do not even see this.  NO more sweeping things under the carpet.  The girls are doing very well as all around Christians who can see and address injustice and I will never regret for us having them Christened as Catholics and raised as Anglicans.

The politicians could learn much from the evils of what Christians have done.  I am not holding my breath though.

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