Tuesday, April 14, 2015


This is among the most "privileged institutions in Africa.  The produce some of the most brilliant graduates in all of Africa.  They have been in media for strikes, fake degrees and fake transcripts but remember they are the Harvard of Africa.  Now just to prove to you how brilliant their students are, I am attaching a picture.

Recently, they even had some 13,000 fake transcripts.  Keep up, it was in the news.

Then they kicked out one business man / journalist from their university because he did not have a degree to speak to their Intellectual minds.  Let us just use a picture to review their high intelligence.

The late whom they stoned to death while taking pictures is called David Ojok. A recent graduate from that Institution and A software Engineer.  The country has an irrational exhuberance of vigilante justice and just plain no compassion or kindness whatsoever.  Not all of them.  However, when you have students in the best university in the country (continent too) stone someone to death and then boast about it, then you know we have serious problems.  You can do a google search on "Makerere Students Stone David Ojok to death".  The dailies have all the stories.

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