Sunday, April 12, 2015


For some years, bad mommie and I were buying school supplies for one school in Bududa.  We had a frined in Switzerland, another in France and another in Canada that diligently helped us.  We worked with the first village school we all attended as kids.  We bought all the supplies for all the kids from P1 to P7 and material for teachers plus cash.  We also bought past exam papers to help the teachers prepare the kids for PLE.

One time, my sister called the school and was given some numbers. She drives from Kampala and goes to the village after having shopped in every book store for all the things the kids had to have.  She shows up at that school and the HM tells her to leave everything in the office.  We are brutal.  She threatened to drive away with everything unless she could give a package to each kid and teacher.  When she was done, she had only given away a third of supplies.  She drove to 2 more schools.

When I got the report, I told all our friends that Uganda was full of thieves.  That is how we stopped paying for school supplies for schools in our area.  You see, every time you cheat donors, you cheat the future generation.  I have met many kids on FB who benefited from our efforts and have now graduated.  This habit of stealing in Uganda must end and end sooner than later.  When I meet the people who are genuine and understand that I have no money tree in the back yard, I will consider it.  Bududa was so set for years to get school supplies but that place tried to cheat my sister and my friends.

Fix your thieving as the donors all have financial obligations and every dollar sent home is a sacrifice.  My sister has been my rock.  I cried very hard when we ran into the inflated ghost student numbers and she consoled me a lot telling me "at least we tried".  One of our other rock is also my late sister in law who had a heart problem from birth and taught those kids like her life depended on it and in the end we lost her because our medical and healthcare in Uganda is awful.  Helen Wamema was born with a hole in her heart and in the end she left us but left us some great nieces and nephews.  When you look at me, you do not even know that I do also have a hole in my heart.  It is not that big and doctors call it a heart murmur.  I am followed by the best doctors in the world though, a far cry from Uganda.  Our family still grieves terribly for that English teacher who did everything to help kids in Bududa.  The next time you ask why I do not work in Uganda, remember that you cannot even treat malaria (Mao had to fly to Nairobi for malaria).

We are all making sacrifices and it would be very much appreciated if Uganda would not take us for granted or lie to us about numbers.  Our family is full of teachers but we cannot teach if you cheat us.

I will never stop preaching about this culture of cheating which discourages many of us.

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