Monday, April 27, 2015


Dance like no one is watching.  Sing like no one is listening.  Never lose your sense of hunger.  Get enough to eat but never lose your sense of hunger.  And feel small when you feel small when you stand beside the ocean.  And give Faith a fighting chance.  I hope you dance.  Never settle for the path of least resistance.  Living really requires you to take chances but if you do not take chances, then what?  Never settle for the comfortable.  Rise higher than where you are now.  This song has been a solid encouragement when I was least strong.  ALWAYS BE HUNGRY FOR MORE (knowledge and learning).  If you think that you have to get rich before you can help the person you meet in your life, then you will never help anyone. The world is calling each and everyone of us to play our part.  It is sad to see so many selfish people but there are very many non selfish people.  This is it.  If life were an exam, we would all flank.  But life is a mock exam, we always get a second chance.  If I were to write down all the mistakes of my life, I would run out of paper and the computer would actually freeze up.  Whenever I start to do that, I remember Jesus saying "I did not come for the holly ones. I came for you". Something like that anyway. Jesus did not come to earth to condemn but rather to embrace all of us, any of us who thought we were not worthy of love.  He did away with all that.  Our God is a very intelligent one.  Some people call Him Jehovah or Allah.  As if there is more than one God.  Redeemed and grateful for it.

Yes, I do preach the Gospel sometimes and my long time friends know it.  There is no creator, God or prophet or leader who would tell you that the creator is a punishing God.  Stop listening to lies.  Show me which parent who would burn their kid because they did something bad.  Incidentally, our religious teachers are the ones who give God a bad name by portraying Him / Her as a very angry God and a dictator who seems to insist that if one does not worship Him / Her daily, their life is doomed.  Wapi... you want to bring people close to God, do not use your scare tactics.  We were all given brains and we will use them to see through your charades.

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