Friday, April 10, 2015


For those who missed reading along with us, here you go.  This is Chapter 4 of 1984, George Orwell.  We have had much fun reading over the last 6moths or so.  You are now in the club.  These are the books we have read together so far.
1) The Prophet (Khalil Gibran)
2) Animal Farm
3) Things Fall Apart
3) The Grapes of Wrath
4) No Longer at Ease
5) Cry The Bloved Country ( we did not complete it as the soft copy ran out)
6) Portrait of an Artist (James Joyce), we did not complete it
6) Animal Farm
7) 1984 -- current
8) --- Your choice, The River Between would be good but I do not have all my books.

Read with us.  It is a lot of fun.  This literature speaks to our times.  Just to entice you, well, I am not a writer but here you go to get you thinking ahead. Enjoy.

One day as I was crossing A River Between, the Arrow of God struck my Blood Knot and it hurt my Bones as I yelled that Things Fall Apart before A Dry Season sets in and I am reminded that Living, loving and Lying Awake at Night is meant to tell me that The Beautiful Ones Are Not Yet Born so I must avoid all Nervous Conditions because I will Marry When I want after I travel the Famished Road to find him who shall sing for me Song of Lawino and tell me about The Joys of Motherhood.  My people watch the suffering and only say Cry The Beloved Country.  This has become a Labrythings with not even A Grain of Wheat and we need Chaka to come announce to us all the Death and the King’s Horseman.  The Arrow of God will surely find us all if we do not pay attention to our sufferings and the sufferings of our people.  For God and my Stomach.

Une fois je me suis trouvee la ou habitait Le vieux nègre et la médaille qui se croye Le jeune homme de sable avec Les bouts de bois de Dieu disant qu’il avait sur Third World Express. Je l’ai bien regarde dans les yieux pour qu’il me disent la verite.  La premierre chose qui partait de sa bouche était « La vie et demie » partant de Chaka. Je lui ai pose des questions mais il ‘était completement sangle me disant encore que il y aura La grève des battus. Oh Le pauvre Christ de Bomba!!  L'Enfant noir aura tout vecu avec Les soleils des indépendances. Cela est vrainment incroyable car L'aventure ambiguë n’arrette jamais. Jusque Les soleils des indépendances nous disent Murambi ou le livre des ossements et La passe est Simple, le Futur apartient aux intellectuels.  C’est Une si longue lettre et La nuit sacrée.

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