Friday, April 10, 2015

President Uhuru Writes To Families Of Garrisa Attack Victims

Everyone will be your friend.  I have no axe to grind.  Do you remember that night when you were on your media condemning the Western governments for issuing Terror Alerts?  You should follow my posts.  I said very clearly that everyone can issue bogus alerts but I did not remember Australia issuing a bogus alert.  How many hours later?  Was it 6, 8, 12?  You need to applogize to Australia and the western countries but mostly Australia because not once have they been wrong.  May the souls of the departed rest in peace and may you consider resigning.  The Great Lakes Countries have received enough money to fight terror and yet you let our daughters and sons be massacred in a school.  The world will forgive you and forget.  I forgive you but will never forget.  You were much too arrogant to pay attention to a county other than USA and UK.  Always pay attention to Australia.  I am very angry at you brother.  Consider it Natural.  Your Political Advisors and PR people are doing you a disservice where you were winning all our hearts.  Do you have children?  Of course you do?  Do you think I would laugh off a warning against our community and dare risk the lives of my children?  People on Social Media will say I am over reacting. Tell you what, 142 dead kids is enough for any parent to over react.  When 300 kids were abducted in Nigeria (where are they by the way?), we were tame. 142 dead kids, well that is enough for a parent to over react. What about when the 2000 people were massacred in one day and we cried over the Hebdo in Paris?  How many have been killed and abuducted in Nigeria?  How many have really died in Kenya?  How many die in Uganda daily.  I will over react until you the leaders find a way to protect our people by not invading your neighbouring countries.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta spent the better part of Thursday writing letters to every family of the 147 victims of last week’s attack on Garissa University, by the Somali based terror groups Alshabaab.

The devastating assault, the worst in Kenya since 1998, happened Wednesday last week when four gunmen attack Garrissa University in the eastern part of the country and shot indiscriminately at students in the wee hours of the morning, killing 147 and injuring around 80.

The country is still engulfed in grief, mourning and anger amongst sections of the populace, who hold that the national armed forces took so long, [more than 9 hours] to make a response, and that perhaps a big number of the victims could have been saved.

President Kenyatta today Thursday at the State House, wrote letters containing condolence messages to each of the bereaved families.

He commented, “I wrote to them in humility to express my regret at the loss of their beloved children. I asked them to accept my condolences and that of the entire country. I promise that as a Nation, we shall never forget them, nor forgive those who took their lives.”

Kenyatta added, “My Government is increasing efforts to contain the threat of terrorism we assure you of justice for this brutality. We pledge to work harder for a better and more just country in honour of the memory of those we have lost.”

The gesture was however received with mixed feelings from Kenyans, many of whom welcomed his efforts to comfort the families.  Others were nonetheless furious and demanded that the country steps up its efforts to combat terrorism.

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