Thursday, April 30, 2015


There are some things I still have to learn about #Uganda.  I shared this page on We Speak For The Nation (Uganda).  95% of the people thanked me for sharing it.  However the 5% made some horrible remarks that made me wonder what water my people are drinking.  I was mocked for promoting yet another page I manage.  I am only an Admin on it.  This wonderful man Andrew Hyeroba​ works around the clock to post the merit based jobs in Uganda.  I fail to understand how a country can have unemployment of 84% and not want to read and try.  Andrew makes no commission on all the jobs he posts hourly.  Naturally, you all know that I make no money by what I share.  I think we have to move things around a bit.  Your negativity will cost your opportunities.  I have told you many times that any recruiter or employer reads every thing you say on Face Book.  If you do not like the opportunity you read about, instead of insulting someone (which will show up on the internet when people search for you), just walk away and say nothing.  To call Andrew and I as scammers, imagine. My brother is set and I would rather say that I am set too.  People, please if you need a job, give this page a chance and there is even a website where you can register and search for jobs.  Unfortunately, the biggest problem in Uganda seems to be a poor reading culture.  Thank you Andrew.  You are playing your part and now the ones who need the jobs must learn that reading is great for the brain.

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