Friday, April 17, 2015


One of the schools I attended in Canada is based on Peace.  It was founded on the principles of one of our best Prime Ministers in Canada who believed that if you put young people together and they forge friendships, they will never go to war against each other because they dare not hurt their friends of the people of their friends's countries.  I believe in this a lot.  We must teach our young people to make love, not war.  Please consider this.  Violence Breeds Violence as you can now see.  We must find a way to make peace, create peace.  This peace comes with a sacrifice. We must stop being greedy and stealing from our people. We must inform and educate.  We must remember the values of our elders and our purpose on earth.  We only have us to blame for our problems.  These are very tough times but giving up is not an option no matter how attractive it looks.  I feel sorry for all the #Ugandans who did not take me seriously when I was promoting UWC scholarships in Uganda (non government affiliated), even when I told people I was on the committee.  We have much work to do.  We need a generation of young people who care for humanity and the environment.  Now you know.  Some 200+ of us in Uganda attended UWC schools (only 11 in the whole world).

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